Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

[Quote of the post] sarcasm (n.) striking while the irony is hot.
[Song of the post] Real and Scary - Fairly Odd Parents

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Come closer, my pretties! My black cat screen won't bite you!

Ahaaa! Don't you think it's really baaad thaaat nobody celebraaates Haaalloween in Singapore? It really saaahks your blaaahd!

Oooooh! Beeefoooooreeee Iiii foooorgeeet! Haaaaappy birthdaaaaay Juzzieeeeee!

Uh! Aaarrh! Uuuuhhhh! *in deep grunty voice*

OKAY now to more serious matters (and less stupid monster impressions).

It's sad Halloween isn't celebrated in Singapore. Halloween is a time for disguises and masks, and you get to do stuff you're not allowed to do anytime else (like asking strangers for candy). Carving Jack-O-Lanterns, bobbing for apples... being a Western custom, it stays in the West. *sigh*

Nothing much to blog about today... PSL training looks quite fun *more fun than prefect camp anyway*.... Henry got a tape stuck in the extractor... It's Juzzie's bitrthday... It's also my dad's... It's Jerrold's birthday tomorrow *Happy birthday in advance*... nobody's commented on my last post yet... Yeah, well, like Herrick said, with freedom comes boredom, and once boredom sets in, it can't be killed. Even on Halloween.

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