Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Another diary doodle. I had the idea of doing this because the diary page had three sections, and I wanted to do something which bridged all three. I got the idea of a three-storey mineshaft, and so here it is. Kinda warped picture; the giant drilling machine is WAAAY too heavy to be there on the top floor. And the guy at the bottom left? He's using ultraviolet light to spot iridescent metals in the rock. Whatever that means.
It's kinda strange that I keep doodling in my diary nowadays... but it's also kinda fun. I got a couple more pictures of tabletops after that Maps one... I'll see if I can put them up sometime.
OM is a blast, as usual, and I bet I'm going to be really really depressed when it's all over. I got most of the old gang back today to play Spontaneous with the girls. They were awesome at the Whose-Line games; think we got a bit rusty for normal Spontaneous XD Herrick keeps making fun of me help T_T
Oh yeah, last week Friday I met Henry's sister, Charlotte. She's Sec 2 now o_o The last time I saw her was when I was in Sec 2 o_o I couldn't even recognise her. At all. I was like, so shocked when she told me who she was.
Time flies, time dies.
The Edna Man

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day! I'm hit!

It's May. I missed posting on May Day; what a waste of puns.

I'm in the middle of IOP essay outline preparations and I find out that my Internet is lagging (darn Singtel). I think about tomorrow, and what my teacher would say: "Why did you have to do it last minute?" And I come to this realization: that in the great scheme of neverending homework; inevitably, something has to be left to the last. It's just misfortune that thy assignment was relegated to the back of the queue. Hmm.

Well, IOP is kinda screwed. A bit too rushed: if we're supposed to do everything now, what's the point of having the June holidays? To study? (Irony, irony, irony.)

MSN seems a lot deader now. Fewer and fewer people initiate conversations; lost in the mire of homework or sunk too deep in their sea of more familiar friends to cast a landline to this piece of driftwood. Yet I don't feel lonely or unappreciated; solitare has a knack for expanding the imagination. My personage is changing; whilst before I used to wallow in self-pity and ponderation, it now affects me less than before; like I am numb to all external effects. Well, not really. Being happy still gives me kicks.

I kinda like that line. Realism is for pessimists.

I found another Outsiders volume recently. I figure that was our biggest mistake. We never forged a team; we created a family. And that's why it hurts so much.

Speaking of superheroes, a new TNN anthology is coming up, apparently. In many ways it mirrors No Other City, which is a slight cause for concern; nonetheless this new literature is fascinating, in a way. It allows more mature thought and focused writing to, apparently, "bring out our identity". Interpret what you will.

Well, back to The Rebel of China.

When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall,
We used to laugh, while others used to play.
Don't ask me why, the time has passed us by;
Someone else moved in from far away...
Now we are tall, and Christmas trees are small,
And you don't ask the time of day...
But you and I, our love will never die;
But guess who'll cry, come first of May.
The Edna Man