Monday, January 31, 2005

And now to check our Leaderboard...

[Song of the post] I'm Still Here - Johnny Rzeznik

What a nice PC lesson we had today. (PC stands for Pastoral Care if you didn't already know. Singapore is the land of acronyms galore. Oh, and the first statement is loaded with sarcasm, by the way. Nice is not a nice word.)

Well, today's PC lesson was about leadership. Leadership. Can you believe it? And here's the class throwing out ideas about what a leader should be, blah blah blah.

Can you see it from my point of view? Isn't it ironic that the class will see what they think are characteristics make a good leader, all the while, they don't listen to me. How ironic. No one listens to me. *sobs*

Mike created this GEPers Creepers forum at So if you are a GEP, come join or post something! GEPers Unite!

Very sleepy... see you next time...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mega Movie Marathon

[Quote of the post]
"What's a uvula?"
"It's that little dangling thing in his..."
"BOXER SHORTS! Let's go!"
"No, not that dangling thing, the one in his throat!"
"I knew that."
[Song of the post] Dancing Queen - ABBA

Whee! Saturday Night Fever! 3 Mega Movies in one midnight! (Many 'M's)

Movie #1 - Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones tells the story of... Osmosis Jones, a white blood cell cop in the City of Frank, a human with disgusting eating habits. So he gets infected by a killer virus and Osmosis has to save the day, making a friend, falling in love and dethroning a selfish mayor along the way, blah blah blah.

What really makes this movie great is the reality of it all, and the creativity needed to create a human body into a city. It's creative, unique, and puts forth the messahe really clearly.

Rating: 4 stars ****

Movie #2 - Signs
Well, I missed a bit of this movie because it clashed with Osmosis Jones, but I saw enough of it to get the gist.

Signs is about alien invasion, crop circles, and Mel Gibson. But most of all, it's about Mel Gibson. The good thing about this show is the effects, the storyline and suspense. The suspense was great, even if my brother was scared out of his wits and was using the remote control as a gun.

Rating: 4 stars ****

Movie #3 - The Incredible Hulk
The Incledible Hulk was nothing incredible... I mean, he only turned green about 5 times and didn't really smash up bad guys and stuff... all he was up against were some GIs with guns that couldn't even pierce his skin, so...

The animation wasn't even that good. His face looked horribly distorted. And, may I mention (actually, I can, since it's my blog and I can do whetever I want so sucks to you), that Hulk jumps over canyon walls like a giant flea. In Marvel vs. Capcom, he only jumps like a boulder (which is hardly at all). Is that fair? Nooo.......

Rating: 3 stars ***

Oh well... Next Blog Post... Coming soon to a Blog near you...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

You got a friend in me...

[Quote of the post] If you think it's daylight robbery, then come buy it tonight!
[Song of the post] Dancing Queen - ABBA

My class stinks. It's not smelly, no. It's attitude stinks.

Here's a good example: Yesterday, I needed some volunteers for today's Charity Bazaar to help man the stall and stuff. And who volunteered? No one. Only after some persuasion did Gid and Loius volunteer. You'd think, in a class of 28, at least one person will have nothing on on a Saturday afternoon and will be willing to sacrifice two hours of their time to help their class chairman, but noooo...

You'd think being class chairman would be a great job, one-in-a-lifetime experience. But try being class chair when no-one in class listens to you, it takes ten mintes to quiten them down, and half the time they're not listening to you at all. What fun. Why elect me as class chair if you don't listen to me at all? Or is that your intention? You know that I don't get angry or violent easily so you can continue to make noise and run around class without me bringing out whips or nuclear missiles or stuff like that? Selfish @!#&!CENSORED!%@*

*As with all generalizations, there are of course exceptions. So if you're reading this but you know that you're good and nice in class then don't take it to heart. Sorry.*

Charity Bazaar today was great. Gid kept up aggresive sales and we managed to sell all our cards. *Thanks Gid and Loius for coming down. Thanks to Daniel, Henry and Josh for helping.*

OK Gotta go now. Stupid computer is slowing down. @$!*$%@$! again.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Very Important Purr-son

Do you like cats? I like cats. They're purr-fect. I don't have a cat myself, but they're cute... and furry... and... cute...


Well, just two days ago, someone, I don't know who, locked up one of the stray cats that run around our school. That was cruel, 'cos, I mean, it was shivering in there. It looked scared, and kept staring at passing humans fearfully, as if another one was going to stuff it into another cage. I don't know if they even fed it.

So anyway, every time I manage to leave class, I'd go visit it, y'know? Because it's cite and shivering and locked up in a cage. I mean, it's a bit like me - locked up in my mind drowning in my own corny jokes because my family can't apprecate them. And so, well, it was a nice feeling when I went yesterday and found that the cage was open and the cat was gone. I'd thought that it was either free or at least out of its cage. Then Gid had to go ruin it by saying they drowned it, or put it to sleep, or filled a sack with bricks, put the cat in and dropped it from the 4th level... Trust Gid to ruin a nice fuzzy feeling.


Now that I mention it, there weren't many of them, were there?

This year, English is going to be tough. So is Lit. I mean, Mr. Lee's all right, but he could be a bit more interesting. I mean, using a comic to teach about plot, characterization and theme is all well and done, but... er... let's just say I think DT could do better. (P.S. Sir, if you're reading this, you'll forget everything you read when you close this window. Okay? Okay. Good.)

Whoops... gotta go now... I think I'll blog about my classmates next...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Discrimination... It's a Hate Sensation...

My title, like Gid's, is from a song. Unlike Gid's, it's an edited version. Edited by me. Guess where it's from.

Like Gid, I noticed GEP discremination during the OEP camp. Remember my Jay post? This one's going to be a bit like it.

GEPs have been discriminated for decades. At least, I think so. The extremes have always been shunned. Read Flowers for Algernon? We had to do it for Lit last year. The main character was dimwitted, but he had a good heart. Still people mocked him because he was stupid. Then after he had an operation to make him a supergenius, people shied away from him yet again.

It has been hard not being the norm. Do you think we want to be different? It is how we are. Why do you discriminate us? Because you're jealous? You want to be smart too? To be more intelligent? To be clever enough to be mocked by your own kind? Really? Didn't think so.

Because you're scared of us? Why? We're humans too. Will we take over the world in a matter of days because of our superior intellect? Not likely. How can we take over the world if you all are blocking our progress? Will we be ever accepted into society like this? Will I ever stop asking questions that nobody will answer?

I also can see discrimination inside our own groups. You can't blame J Kong for being who he is, just like you can't blame us for being who we are. Who cares if he's got an MP3 player? He's a teenager, just like you. Why can't he like music? Is that wrong? If you want Mainstreamers to accept you, the you have to start accepting yourself, and your classmates. You're all in this together.

That's all for today, it's getting late.
And when you discriminate it generates hate...

Title Answer: Barbie Girl
Latest Answer: Where is the Love

Thursday, January 20, 2005

OEP - Overall: Extremely Perfect


As you may have gathered from above, OEP was extremely fun and I hope we could do it again sometime. Right, off we go...

Day 1 - Day of Reckoning, because I reckoned OEP would be a killer
Well, the day was a really exciting one, mixed with fear and desperation. Arriving at school at 0745 hrs is no mean feat, I can tell you that. It was havoc, especially since the previous group hadn't left yet. Shame.

It took us two hours to get to Desaru and I assure you that if not for Demel, I would have died of boredom. We spent some time singing Irish Drinking Pub songs before doing scenes from a cap. We had to use a cap because we did not have a hat. At least half the class was listening to their MP3 players. I will never know why teenagers would like to pump music into their ears for two hours. The songs aren't even that nice.

When we arrived at the Golden Beach Hotel, obviously there was a briefing. Teachers always hold breifings before activities. And thus, the basic punishment of pumping position was declared upon us all.

After lunch, our guide brought us to the roadside to explore the many medicinal plants that grew rampant in Malaysia. And in Singapore too. Rampant. Huh. Nice word.

Anyway, we learnt that even if you were stuck in a tropical rainforest, there are a number of plants can help cure you of numerous diseases. The problem is that they all taste bitter. Oh, and Daniel and Darrell liked the Wild Passion Fruit, for reasons I am not going to discuss.

After this herbology lesson, there was another lesson about Pitcher Plants. They usually grow on the pitcher's mound in baseball stadiums. No, not really. They grow in not-so-fertile soil, and feed on insects to sustain their nutrition. What fun. Imagine having to eat insects all your life. If you don't live in Africa, that is. (No offence.)

Whee! After this, the best part of the whole camp (besides the arcade). Sandcastle building! My group (yes, my group. I was group leader, after all. [You can kill me but you can't kill my ego]), consisting of moi, Daniel, Darrell, Demel, Archbishop, Louis, Yong Jun, Jarrel and Kevin (Wong), built the winning sandcastle/sandsculpture. We rock!

After a quick dinner, there was nightlife - collection & classification of insects. No pubs. Not that kind of nightlife. We caught some pretty aggravated specimens. One of our hoverflies kept buzzing angrily against its container.

The best part of this activity was walking back in the moonlight. I have never done that before and I must say it was quite enthrilling. Shame I had to step into the @#$%@^! puddle of mud.

Day 2 - The day of the second, because it was the second day, after all
Demel is a difficult roommate. One, he keeps having pillow fights, and two, he says goodnight. Often. Every 5 seconds. Oh well. At least I sleep like a log. B-log.

Archbishop kept calling early in the morning. He allegedly woke up at 0515 hrs everyday. Would it kill Jun Yi to wake up an hour later, when we were supposed to?

Anyway, breakfast was... actually breakslow, because of the humongous queues. Come to think of it, all the meals had long queues, so it doesn't really matter. Unless you're at the back. Starving.

After breakfast was beach ecology, which meant collecting shells with different shapes. We weren't to catch hermit crabs till thursday, but we're dealing with ACS boys here. Do you really think they would pass up such a chance? About a dozen students brought hermit crabs back to their rooms, and I was chaos with Archbishop. His crab escaped and rampaged all over his and Jun Yi's bed (they were rooming together) and Jun freaked out and jumped about yelling.

Back to the beach. Darrell actually ate sushi there. Real sushi. Real LIVE sushi. He had caught four small fry, and for some reason, picked one and swallowed it whole. A live raw fish. A LIVE RAW FISH!!! *faints*

After another queued lunch, it was off to the Kota Tinggi Nature Reserve, about an hour's journey. There, we learnt about the different forest flora, and about pond fauna. We had to catch marine animals, and that's where the fun came in. We caught about a dozen pond skaters, but let almost all of them go. (Gaaah, Demel!) Ten prawns were locked in captivity, as were a water beetle and a damselfly nymph. We let them all go of course. Eventually.

The buffet dinner was quick, as usual. I never eat slowly at buffets. And you know why it's called buffet? Because whe you stand in line, you're buffeted against the flow of the crowd!

Anyway, after dinner was group presentations, and we were supposed to present on what our favourite activity was up till then. We presented on the sand sculpting. I mean, it was fun, and we won. But more importantly, we won. I was the speaker, and I tell you, I got such a case of the jitters before our presentation that I almost got stage fright. Almost.

Day 3 - The day of the Voyage of the Firefly
I will stop typing about meals from now on because it is a very slow topic.

Following breakfast was a delightful friendly soccer and volleyball match between our school and the local Sports School. Unfortunately, they mixed our teams with their teams, so there were elements of both schools on either side. So we didn't know who to cheer for. Aren't teachers ingenius? *loaded with sarcasm* So finally, the score was 5-1. We trashed us. Or, they trashed themselves. Or did we trash them? Or they us? See, confusion.

After this grueling task of cheering, we had free time. No, you saw correctly. We actually had free time.

This is a public announcement. Do not adjust your monitor screen. You are reading correctly, don't need to check your eyes.


OK, we had free time. Which was cool, cos I got to play pool with Kev, Daniel and Darrell. I stank. Daniel was OK. Darrell was OK. Kevin was great. Henry and Josh were playing before us and they ROCKED! I didn't know they could play so well.

Oh, and Sheu Zhi was a wizard on the KoF machine. KoF means King of Fighter. 2000 version. He had a 18 point winning streak that day. He beat Demel. The ultimate. Three times. Maybe more. Woah.

After that we went to Kota Tinggi town, where we went shopping. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate shopping, but we had to buy stuff for the charity bazzar next week. So we bought Chinese New Year Cards. Wowee. Sir bought coffee. Odd choice, but I suppose he has his reasons... I can't say the trip was a total waste of time, but even though the arcade was located on the seventh and last floor, even though there was nothing on the floors between the third and the seventh, even though the only way up was through the mini-mart because the other escalator was broken, almost everyone ended up at the arcade. Must be animal magnetism.

We had dinner outside that day. As in, inside a Chinese restaraunt, outside the hotel. Was a nice change from buffet, but Darrell the Sushi Eater didn't dare shell a prawn. *sigh*

Fireflies that night. We were split from the main group of our class. Lucky I was with Myself. Me. Kevin. Wong. That one. I was PUNching him throughout the journey with lame jokes. He has never endured a constant barrage of PUNchlines before and I think he was on the verge of throwing himself overboard.

The fireflies were cool, but not only because they don't produce heat. But I expected more out of that boat ride. Arrr! So you dared brave the perils of the voyage of the fireflies? *in a corny pirate accent*

Day 4 - The second from last day
We went hermit crab hunting immediately after breakfast. Added a few more to our collection. Mr. Shepard told us of a beach in England, where the tide comes in under the sand. So you could be standing there one minute, and the next, WHOOSH! You're wiped from the face of the earth. Don't you get that sinking feeling just thinking about it?

Boy, I can really draw. Kevin Wong, I mean. His hermit crab sketches looked so nice! Mine stank.

After lunch was a treasure hunt. Simple, just follow the arrows. It was a harrowing experience, I can tell you that. It got us all cross. But in the end, we were one of the few teams that managed to safely retrieve the treasure without eating it on the way back. Yay!

After that we had more free time.


Don't get your undies in a twist. More free time. Sheesh. Metal Slug 5 was completed another 5 times, and Sheu Zhi had a 28 point Streak in KoF. Again. (Muhaha Demel Rubbing it in your face)

The day's dinner was quite nice, conidering it was barbercue. However, I lost quite a bit of my appetite after spotting the giant swarm of flies hovering over the raw food. Yuck.

As it was the last day, they made us do a presentation after dinner. You know how teachers are like: asking you to do a presentation because they want you to know what you learnt but they couldn't care less what you know. Ya know? Shaun presented this one because I didn't want to go near that mike again. Demel shouted "SHUT UP!" about halfway through because the Mainstreamers were discriminating us. Again. I'll blog about this another time, but for now...

We won the prize for 3rd best group and cinched the sandcastle victory. Booyah! Third place prize was keychains and 1st place prize was chocolates, presumably bought from the souvenir shop near the reception.

Day 5 - The Day of the Last
Boohoo! The last day at last! *sobs* Most of the morning was spent planting... plants (wow, you'd have never guessed) and I stuck a stick with "2.12 2005" written on it into the soil. I just hope it doesn't get removed or trampled or eroded or decayed...

Following this environmentally friendly activity, we had more free time.


Calm down. People would think you'd never had free time before. Sheesh. Sheu Zhi maintained an 11 point winning streak (I'm not sure about this one) but he still used Mai. Oh, didn't I tell you? He used Mai, Yuri, Terry and Vanessa. Winning combination. He had to do a random team once against Demel, but unfortunately got Mai again. Unfortunate for Demel, that is.

After lunch it was time to go home. I wished OEP could have gone on forever. Oh well.

Stuff I can't fit into one day
I guess I owe my great time during OEP to my teammates: Kevin Wong, Daniel, Darrell, Demel, Louis, Yong Jun, Archbishop, Jarrel, and last but not least, me. But seriously, my teammates were the best: funloving, loyal, enthusiastic, and we got on really well. I want to say a public thank you to my teammates, because they rocked. Seriously.

Thanks for actually getting to the end of this ridiculously long blog post. Terimah Kasih! (is is spelt like that?)

Friday, January 14, 2005

iGot a New Computer

Since iHave got a new computer, iWill type in the ways of the iPod. So there.

Finally, iHave a new computer. At long last! iCan finally play games! Whoopee!

The problem with a new computer is that there is so much to change. Or add. Or modify. It really stinks. iHave to reinstall MSN messenger, get my files up and running, configure the desktop, and get used to Windows xP.

School is getting very stressful. Being Class Chairman is not all it's cracked up to be. iAm getting very stressed at the amount of tasks iHave to do. Not at all entertaining. Not that the class is making life any easier. Every day, every hour, iHave to quieten the class, either by shouting or by individually... er... "silencing" them *ahem ahem*. Herrick, thankfully, has stopped slamming the table to get order, but the cheeko group around Applehead, ZQ Isaac, Job and Gideon keep making noise. Too much noise. With two prefects, you'd expect them to keep quiet, but noooo...

Gosh, this computer is really fast. The speed rocks! iLOVE 1GB RAM! YAY!

iWill have OEP next week - that's Overseas Education Programme to those who don't know - so iWon't be blogging for a couple of days. Or technically a week. iGet very confused.

Will Uncle Edna manage to keep his class quiet? Will he survive the OEP? Does this pair of pants make me look fat? Find out in the continuing adventures of - Uncle Edna in school!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Shrouded in Controversy...

That's Applehead's quote. Why he calls himself Applehead I don't know...

Don't you hate it when people use eclipsis...? I mean, it just goes to show that the writer is... sort of better than you, and kind of leaves some suspense... or you might feel that he is leaving out some type of important information...

Anyway, the "Shrouded in Controversy" bit is mainly concerning the Dirtyjerzpage controversy that has been circulating around most of my contact's blogs (most of them who post regularly, anyway *hint hint*).

Demel has actually hit the nail on the head. He's right, I'm wrong. The world isn't divided into people who donate and misers. People who donate may just be jumping onto the bandwagon, or just donating for the sake of donating. Also, not everyone who doesn't donate isn't miserly.

Gosh, this topic is really getting us thinking, isn't it? One person types something different, and soon, most of the blogging population has ideas, topics and discussions. I mean, how often can you find a bunch of thirteen-year-olds who frequently blog about philosophical death, human psychology and current events? Not many. I mean, if someone can write something with so much thought, and he's only thirteen, then, well... what is this world coming to... =P

Oh well. It doesn't matter. I've given up on trying to find the machine guns, tanks, and the nuclear warhead already. Jay, you got off the hook. This time.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Oh. My. Goodness.

There are idiots in the world, we all know that. It could be your boss, your teacher, your friend, that guy in the bookstore. (I'm not implying anything here... yet.) The problem is, we don't know how many actually populate the earth... until now.

On the 4th of Janurary 2005, one of the countless idiots of the world reared his ugly head. He calls himself "Jay", and seems similar to, in every likeness, the Grinch, although he has one less heart that the Ace of Hearts, and his crime is worse, far worse than trying to steal Christmas. You can visit his blog here. I won't type anything on my page because his post(s) contain several vulgarities. (So it's NC-16)

I don't usually criticise other people's blogs. Like ZQ said in a private conversation, "It's freedom of speech, so I'm not going to comment." However, there is a thin line between "Freedom of Speech" and "Gone over the deep end".

I've got to go now, it's getting late, but I just want to say this. Even with all the stupidity in this world, with all the coldheartedness, and the ignorance, it's just lucky that there are more people who are kind, who care, who are generous and giving. I'm not Christian, but you don't have to be religious to know how to give. To know how to care. To know how to help. Just remember, there are people less fortunate than you, and there's nothing wrong with giving a helping hand. Imagine, if you were one of the tsunami victims right now. You're family's gone. You have no food. No drink. Your house is in ruins. You only manage to survive by pushing yourself day after day: Don't die. There will be some good out of this. You fear that another killer wave is going to hit you. You might die. You might starve. You might die of thirst. You might die of grief.

OK, I'm getting too philosiphical, but remember this. Just because you are an American, or British, or German, or French, or Spanish, or Japanese, or Iraqi, or Chinese, or Malay, or from any country, race or religion. You can make a difference. No matter how small, you can make a difference. Have a heart. Make a difference. Change history. For the better.

This is my first post that I haven't included any humour, but I feel that it is better to get my point across that to have you laughing. Please post your comments, not on my Tagboard, but on the post itself; I want to read them cast in stone.

To Jay, I only say this: You're lucky none of the tsunami victims have access to a computer, the Internet, machine guns, tanks or a nuclear warhead. You're lucky that only a small number of people know about this. You're lucky none of the people of the above have machine guns, tanks or a nuclear warhead. You're lucky you didn't get hit at all. You're lucky you even have a computer to blog your stupid thoughts on. You're lucky. Very lucky. But one day, your luck will run out.

Friday, January 07, 2005

On the 5th day of Sec 2, my teacher gave to me...

4 Lit Reviews
3 pages zhuo ye
Commonwealth Essay
An assignment and a zhou ji

Well, it's the fifth day of school, and *thankfully* I didn't get any homework.

Nothing much to report, but I'd thought I'd blog anyhow.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Computer Crash Course

Phew... haven't blogged for a week...

The reason I haven't blogged is because mt computer monitor crashed (the CPU still works though) so I couldn't use it. Bleh.

School has started again, and there are three Malaysian students in my class. That's OK...

Sec 2's quite cool, considering the fact that I've got a whole lot of new teachers and all my textbooks are optional...

I hope my UYO doesn't start till next week... it's so tough...

I've got to stop using eclipsis...

Ok that's it. See ya...