Tuesday, November 01, 2005


[Quote of the post] adolescence (n.) the period when a child is too old to say something cute and too young to say something mature.
[Song of the post] Reflections - Mulan

In case you're wondering, the title is a keyword taken from Vs. System. Yes, it has something to do with the post, don't worry. In unimportant, unrelated news, the JLA set has just been released! Yay!

No, on to more serious matters. I went to Daniel's house today - not the subject of this post, but slightly more important that the JLA thing. There, Kwong and Zhang told me about this confusing plot between Gid and Michael, and with them as the "stuck in-betweens".

Hang on... I have just received news that everything's sorted out already! (Seriously, it's now 9:35 and Kwong just told me everything's sorted out.) But I guess I'll blog about it anyway.

Let's see... *takes deep breath* Gid invited Zhang and Kwong to go choral night on Wed and told them not to tell Mike but then Mike invited the same duo to go on Wed as well and since they couldn't tell Mike they made up some cover-up story but then Gid found out that Mike was going on Wed and made another arrangement to go with the duo on Mon and this time made sure Michael didn't know and so they went yesterday and this afternoon they were feeling very bad since Mike called them yesterday and kept ranting on about how he felt left out and stuff and that he found out from Demel that they were going on Wed without telling him and so he got really angry and called Zhang and Kwong but oops I already said that hee hee now where was I ah yes so now they feel really bad about the wholethingandI'mrunningouttabreathso... *BREATHES*

So anyway. Two things.

Firstly, the sense of "not belonging" of Michael. Yeah, everybody gets it from time to time. It's just that teenagers get it more than others because:
a) they're not mature enough to brush it aside
b) they need companionship

It's true. I get it sometimes. Who'm I kidding; I get it a lot. Everybody wants to belong. It's just that, selfish human nature acknowledges when you need to belong and you're not, but when you already belong, you forget about other's and their "need to belong" feelings.
I mean, talking about Choral Night in front of a person who hasn't been invited (and now that he's been invited but probably can't go)... just goes to show, y'know? Sorry, but that's how I feel.

Now onto the second topic: Person A's deep hatred for Person B (names have been conceals to protect identity). Person A's complete loathing of Person B does not help matters among their friends. Next year, they will be in the same class. What if they have to work together? Avoid each other? What if, when they grow up, they're hired by the same company, and have to work together? Avoid each other? You have to work with people you don't like; in life, they don't give you the people you want to work with.

Yeah, so that's it for today's Life with Uncle Edna. Join us again next week when we tackle the issue of toilet seats.


Demel said...

Now I feel far more inclined to take the stand that Mike is the jerk here, since I know the story better. >_>

Well, technically I told Mike since I thought it wouldn't do any harm considering Zhang and Kev were supposed to tell him on Sat but they didn't ie. they solved their own probs already and it was safe. >_>

But well, I kinda see my actions didn't lead to any maturity on Michael's part.

I have also been quite disturbed by one of Mike's statements.

Me: Zhang and Kev are unfortunately rather indecisive people.
Mike: But at the same time equally useful.
Let's put it this way. Had I found out today, and then I went to NYGH on Wednesday, and saw Kev and Zhang, and then saw Gid. What would happen? Most likely, because of Kev and Zhang, 4 of us will be sitting together. There isn't anything Gid can do because Kev and Zhang won't like it if Gid tries to ostracise me when the 4 of us are already there.

Uhh, I'm not sure here, but I'd rather not abuse a person's flaw/weakness (If it should even be called either) for your own gains, especially in said case of friend.

I dunno, I think I'll go with Gid on this one. >_>

Perhaps it's still a tad early to hope that Mike will be capable of just brushing off things like that. >_>

On what you said, though, Kev. I quite agree with that stand. They're going to end up working together, so just might as well stop being such loggerheads. I mean, even Gid and I are loggerheads at times and we don't go into this kinda stuff (Not this year anyway). Maybe because I don't go for NYGH Choral Nights but that's not the point. >_>

Oh well, teenagers will be teenagers, won't they? XD

Archbishop Positive said...

Sorry, can't help but find the entire thing disgusting.

Demel said...

HAHAHA. Well, that's a good way of looking at things. Damn, pure genius in a sentence >_>