Tuesday, July 29, 2008

True Colourless

Blame Ernest for this one. He was the catalyst that sparked this idea.

True Colours - Parody of True Colours by Cindi Lauper
You with the bad eyes
This isn't violet
Oh I realize
You can't be a pilot
Or an electrician
Traffic lights are such a big fuss
And all decorations
Look the same at Christmas

But I see your true colours
Shining through
I see your true colours
And that's why I love you
But you know that I'm lyin'
'Cos I'm colourblind
Your true colours
True colors
Are a mystery
Like a noir show

Don't talk colour wheels
Dreamcoats or dream homes
It's a great ordeal
To see in monochrome
I mix up blue and purple
And even aquamarine
That's not the end
'Cos I can't tell red from green

I can't see your true colors
How 'bout you?
Can't see your blue colors
If only you just knew
How painful it is when people all quiz
You on the True colours
True colors
Unknown to me
On a rainbow

Monday, July 28, 2008



I just did my IOP today and it was so boring. I mean, I had the interesting voice, but the presentation itself was boring to heck. Nothing interesting, few jokes, mostly content... gaah.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's not worth it if you can walk away from a presentation and say, "Yeah, it was okay." Marks are just numbers to be ignoreed. Everything that you do must come off with a "OMG THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" sense of achievement after it, or it wasn't worth doing at all.

My presentation had no kick. It had no driving force, no humour. Boring boring boring.

The Edna Man

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Misfits of Society

How do people belong?

When there are so many groups of people you participate in, where are you supposed to go? When you are a sheep in a hundred different herds and flocks, how do you choose which one to be in?

How do people with many different groups of friends coordinate their lives? Doesn't it feel like you're being dragged between two places in a tug-of-war with only one winner? Marvel Civil War: Which side are you on?

I belong everywhere; thus I belong nowhere.
The Edna Man

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr Horrible

Couple of things today!

First: Dr. Horrible! Awesome shot film produced by the Whedon brothers and starring Neil Patrick Harris. Aside from the epic music sequences and snide humour references, (Oh, look at my wrists, I have to go!) this isn't just another short look-at-what-I-can-do-with-a-small-budget film. It's deep. Very deep. You can tell like, right away when you notice the dichotomy of the superhero/supervillain and the juxtaposition of the two extremes against each other. It's artistic; it's funny; it's got awesome music; what more could you want?

Go Bad Horse!

In other news, today during Racial Harmony Day I was emcee-ing and during the award ceremony for the best-dressed ethnic costume I accidentally pronounced a teacher's name wrongly. Gaah. I felt so bad, and I tried to apologise to her after the whole thing, but she just gave me a mysterious smile and didn't seem keen on talking to me for long. So yeah. I doubt she reads this blog, but well, I'm really really sorry for what I did.

In other related-yet-unrelated news, today we got another dose of National Education in one big last-minute blast. Supposedly aimed at the even-numbered years, for some reason we got stuck there as well and had to endure half an hour of why we should say nice things in a survey that we were not even going to take at all. You could just sense the subtle message they were trying to control; here we are telling you how your school environment and your country is so great so you shouldn't be saying negative things about your school environment (ahem) in your survey response.

It's not that I don't like my school; I think it's being driven in completely the wrong direction with an absolutely wrong method. There's more politics going on here than half the world put together.

Today I overheard a conversation between one of the higher-ups and a teacher; it went something like this:

T: There's a compulsory 10-minute video that we're going to show.
HU: Are we getting them to write a reflections about it and putting it in their PC file and-
T: No, we should be but we're not going to.
HU: Then will we win the National Education award?
T: *Laughs*

It's not quoted exactly, but the gist is there. I mean, Racial Harmony Day: living peacefully and working together with other nationalities to foster friendships and build nations. Nothing to do with fulfilling some NE award that might increase the school's already extravagant image. Aren't there things more important than gold?

Aaaanyway, I'm off to sing somemore Dr Horrible songs =)

Signed, Bad Horse
The Edna Man

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You look negatively happy!

Gosh and golly, it's bin a long time since I've blogged, innit? Well, I'll see wot I cun do 'bout it, g'v'nor.

Hmm... recent evnts... visited Mrs Hah in hospital! Met little George Amadeus Hah, and Mr Hah as well. Was trying to surprise her, but unfortuantely, people register with their maiden name whenever they get pregnant (something I don't have experience in, come to think of it). So we were about to check with Xi Min's sister when the receptionist calls the only Katherine in the maternity ward and figures out that it's her. Supplies! Juzzie, Herrick, Xi Min, Jax, Jarrel and me. Six merry men. Everyone else too busy. Which means they miss out on an awesome discussion about vampire cats and buttered-toast missile guidance systems.

I love being a GEP.

In other news, exams have come and gone, but cold dining halls are forever. Results are back; and Jarrel pwns the competition! I'm left in the lurch once again, being your average "average guy". Heck lot of 4.09ers are in top places all over the subject levels. Hell, we're probably gonna take over the world someday. Whoops, I meant, they're.

Get Smart! Watched it on Youth Day. Awesome, and hilarious! Someone should really go out with his class more. Waiting for The Dark Knight to come out...

Been singing more lately. It's like I need to get rid of the weight I keep carrying everywhere, and music helps.

Must... perform... more! Need OM T_T

Old blog posts are... freaky o_O I think I used to think better before this (Herrick thinks so too).

Oh well. Bedtime.

I thihnk I know what you're driving at, but I don't think you know the route.
The Edna Man