Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today during Core Math Jarrel was explaining to me how the Monty Hall dilemna works. He patiently attempted a couple of times, while my brain simply refused to click, when all of a sudden everything sudenly fell into place! And for a brief vague moment, I understood it! I don't think I can explain it to anyone else now, but oh well.

Don't you just love those moments?

The Edna Man

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I just completed a Teachers' Day event using nothing animations in Powerpoint 2003. YEAH!

It's so ownage, I can't believe it myself.

But then. Jonas knows how to use MACROS. O_O Since he was in PRIMARY SCHOOL. O____O

Anyway, 3 days of hard work, completed. I hope it works out okay!

Oh yeah, I showed it to The Jarrel Seah, Programming Lord and Master.

(10:39 PM) Jarrel - Names i: u made this?
(10:40 PM) Life, Love, and: Yeah >_>
(10:40 PM) Life, Love, and: Why?
(10:40 PM) Jarrel - Names i: quite cool
(10:40 PM) Jarrel - Names i: i like
(10:40 PM) Life, Love, and: WOAH
(10:40 PM) Jarrel - Names i: it works
(10:40 PM) Jarrel - Names i: btw
! O_O

The Edna Man

Thursday, August 23, 2007


On a happy note, I managed to pull off my IHS presentation. Jarrel's question was okay to answer, even though I didn't know the answer.

On a sad note, my IOP wasn't as great as all the effort I put into it. Well, cest la vie. I think.

On a happy note, most of my graded homework is over, and all I have to do now is backlog.

On a sad note, I'm quite disgusted at how my class stripped a box of curry puffs to the bones, when Mr Jason Chan brought them into class today. He never mentioned why he had them, why he was giving them to us, or even IF he was giving them to us. They were on them like a flock of vultures. The puffs never stood a chance.

On a happy note, Confucius say: "Tired students, always late." Go Mr Bernard Taylor!

On a sad note, Juzzie is pissed at me because of my negative MSN nicks.

On a happy note, I like Jason Mraz's Wordplay.

On a sad note, CAS sucks.

Put the notes together and you get the melody of my life.

The Edna Man

Monday, August 20, 2007

Perchance to dream

Damn Hamlet. Why did Shakespeare have to be so long-winded. Why did our generation acclaim him as a literary genius.

It's my IOC tomorrow. My head is pounding with the Elizabithean language while I struggle to pick out literary devices.

Once again, we are bereft of pupils whose main interest is that of securing high marks and beating the rest of the competition. While here I am, just trying to do my best, to do my commentary properly, learning as I go along.

Nobility truly is dead.
The Edna Man

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Of twentyfour and ninetysix

Well, twentyfour is over and that means a whole load of stress and work off my shoulders. It (the prize ceremony) went excellently, and I think some of my stupid jokes made it through, which is good =) In other related news, Also Sprach Zarathustra is great for announcing awards.

By the way, go see this. It's based on the Nokia N93 Ad with Gary Oldman, and I think it's amazingly done. Conflict!

I watched this year's NDP parade, and I think it's just totally weird. I mean, the starfish and Sing the roller-skating lionfish were strange enough, but... garden faries? That takes the cake.

Anyhow, today's been the start of ninetysix, the four-day coursworking marathon, to finish all the graded projects which I missed while I was sick.

ninety-six hours. three projects. one dead guy.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women in it are merely players.
The Edna Man

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Now this.

Well, it's my first day back in school for one and a half weeks, and the first thing I hear is about the jacket design competition for the new school jackets. I've done a design, yeah - should I enter?

Yeah, definitely.