Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Alternate Realities

I had a vividly lucid dream this morning, that there was a portal to an alternate reality in my army administration office. It wasn't a glowing orange portal or a ring of electrically-charged nanobots; it was just a side corridor which looked extremely normal - it even had a photocopier in the middle of it - that if you went all the way to the end it opened up into this deserted house in an alternate reality. The first few times I crossed over were spent exploring the house. It was a fairly normal house, with large double doors and long hallways, but it was deserted. It was situated not precisely in the middle of nowhere, but out of the way of a small city or large town, which was on the horizon. I also discovered that time there moved differently from time in our reality, so that making a visit there and back cost you years when you think you had only gone for hours. One on of the last trips to the abandoned house I left the building to see a wave of people making their way towards the building, all dressed in different outfits and uniforms and generally looking like a bunch of people commuting to work. I didn't want to be caught there but I was pretty much ignored; I asked a lady walking her dog and she told me that there was a whole network of portals that people used to get around and do jobs in the multiverse.

This happened over the course of an hour, as I was repeatedly awoken by my snooze alarm and went back to sleep, which I think just goes to show that I really don't want to live in this reality.