Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hot Pot

I think whoever invented the steamboat must have been a masochist or really hated their family.

You'd think that many hands make light work, but in fact too many cooks spoil the broth. At any one table there would be half a dozen different opinions; the noodles go in last, no the beef goes in first, wait wait wait until it boils, no it's okay it's cooked already, no no wait wait wait aiyah why you do that aiyah just leave it alone come you want more I know you love oyster haaaah you don't eat oyster but oyster is so good come just try one just one only come I put into your bowl don't put that in yet turn down the fire save the soup put more soup come eat something GODDAMIT JUST SHUT UP ALREADY.

Ohana is supposed to mean family. It's supposed to mean nobody is left behind.

Or forgotten.
The Edna Man