Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So much to say... but where do I start... would you listen if I spoke from the heart...

[Quote of the post] Love can sometimes be magic. But sometimes, magic is just... an illusion. -Javan
[Song of the post] Ebay - Weird Al Yankovic

It's been six days since the end of my exams and one begins to wonder why I haven't blogged. Well, a lot has happened within these six days, including my computer being disconnected most of the time and my Internet being !@*&%$#@*.

Exams are over and well, my Chinese is confirmed not good. I just hope I can do Higher Chinese next year, so I can keep with the same class. I don't ever wanna leave this bunch of friends...

I've moved house. Whee. I still can't publicly publish the address (because of those orbital ion cannons and arch enemies and such). Movig is such a tiresome process. You'll never be completely unpacked. Ever. I got my own room now, though. =)

Moving has such implications with my Internet. Now my Internet Explorer isn't working, but for some reason Firefox is. Wonder why.

Post-exam is nothing like I ever wanted it to be. I've still got prefect assignments, MPac assignments, a promotion test coming up, emceeing for three different events, two Prefect camps, emotional problems, psychological problems, etc. I don't have time for anything, especially my TCG.

Short blog, because I have too much to say but no words to say it.

Stay happy, people. Don't become like me.

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