Monday, April 06, 2015

Poetry Month: If I Had One More Day to Live

If I Had One More Day to Live

If I had one more day to live...
Oh, what a futile narrative!

One more day of pain and strife,
One more day of fear and hate.
Suffer not the stupid blighters,
Nor the idiotic fools.
Just shuffle off this mortal coil,
No more time to make amends;
I cannot take it anymore,
Time to shove off and leave this place.
Sick and tired of religion,
Fed up with the loneliness;
Cannot stand the two-faced traitors,
Up to here with social justice.
Nothing meets your expectations,
People tell you what to dream;
I'd do naught else and only this,

If I'd but one more day to live!

I can't forget the things I'd miss:
Licking chocolate chip ice cream,
Comic book film adaptations;
Disc-shaped worlds atop a tortoise,
And being civil to your waiters;
Reveling in new-found freeness,
Running through a flock of pigeons;
There's marvelling at outer space,
And mixing up your metaphors;
Playing board games with your friends,
Or pasta cooked in olive oil.
Floating deep in swimming pools;
When you hug her and she hugs tighter;
A simple smile on your first date -
I'd lose it all if I lose life.

I guess I have to take and give,
If I had one more day to live.

Poetry Month: On Evolution

On Evolution

I'm quite glad that evolution 
Made it through its revolution, 
And survived the persecution, 
To make it to this day. 

Though what leaves me quite affected: 
Not the fact it's still rejected, 
But that that's to be expected 
Is what fills me with dismay.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Poetry Month: The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

Tonight, a maddening creature
Flew into my room on the sly.
It wasn't a bird -
Though that would be preferred
To this gigantic dragonfly.

This insect is truly enormous,
See how it doth nature defy.
You don't understand,
It's the size of my hand,
Or maybe a large-ish bonsai.

It's buzzing around my furniture,
And fighting my fan up on high.
I'm frightfully scared
It will leave me impaired
If it swerves right into my eye.

Excuse me, you cannot remain here,
So I really don't understand why
You won't go away;
Please leave me, I pray,
Or I think I might curl up and die.

Hello there neighbour, how are you?
I thought I'd just saunter by.
Oh, nothing's the matter,
I just had to scatter
From the terror that is dragonfly.

Come see for yourself - it's enormous!
And since you're here, be my ally.
I don't dare get closer,
So be my disposer,
And on you I'll fully rely.

What do you mean, you can't do it?!
I thought you were such a tough guy!
I'm surprised to find
You're so disinclined;
Never knew you were just a small fry.

Man, I still have to sleep at some point;
So I can't just stand idly by.
I reckon my broom
Gives me just enough room
To knock it right out of the sky.

It's clinging onto my curtains,
But I have a plan now, whereby
I'll carefully nudge it,
And hopefully budge it
Away - hey, it's worth a try.

It flew out into the corridors,
And sadly, I can't tell a lie;
But I'm filled with elation
That this tribulation
Is now somebody else's. Goodbye!


Loosely inspired by real events that happened tonight with my friend and neighbour Dylan. The part where he abandons me such that I have to fight the fire-breathing dragonfly alone is sadly, true.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Poetry Month: Genesis

I obviously don't know what mind maps are.
(Click image to view at full resolution.)


Chapter One
1 In the beginning, there was nothing,
Nothing but the void and dark;
which suddenly exploded
from the singularity’s spark.

2 Power poured into existence.
And with it, birthed a goddess;
Wild and unpredictable,
Yet behind-the-scenes and modest.

3 She condensed the lightest atoms,
And sent them t’wards the growing border.
she wore a mask of quantum;
Thus hid chaos in this order.

4 Guided by her unseen hand,
The hydrogen crashed and collided;
If they were fast, they fused in two:
Helium, nuclei undivided.

5 The atoms danced a billion years –
And with gravity’s permission –
Collapsed into a stellar cloud,
And twisted the ignition.

6 The first star was a beacon:
“and”, t’was said, “There was light”.
But the prime star soon went nova,
Flinging metals ‘cross the night.

7 Thus the elements danced with chaos –
A fierce foxtrot, death and birth;
Then the star sol scorched the heavens,
And gave rise to the Earth.

8 That small and rocky planetoid,
The third child from its parent sun,
Was rained upon with water, wet,
From which the threads of life were spun.

Chapter Two
9 Now Chaos had her eye on earth.
she quelled its crust volcanic,
and brought down with her unseen hand
The molecules organic.

10 And with a careful nudge from Chaos,
They combined into amino acids,
And thus the building blocks of life were made,
Underneath an ocean surface, placid.

11 The Goddess, ever curious,
Tinkered on the continental shelf,
Until her experiments devised
A molecule that could replicate itself.

12 This proto-strand of DNA
Became the first single-celled creature;
The first of many wondrous things
That this small rock would feature.

13 As they went forth and multiplied,
Some forms ate sunlight while some just ate,
And they specialised and diversified
Into cells which learned to conjugate.

14 For solitary cells are weak,
But together make a mighty prison.
Behold, great monsters of the sea
Which from the depths have risen.

15 Chaos, with mysterious grin,
Played god of evolution;
And with the waters getting full,
Divined a sound solution:

16 “I’ll give them arms; I’ll give them legs,
They’ll crawl on land and breathe the air!
I’ll graft on some the gift of flight,
And soon they will be everywhere!”

Chapter Three
17 Thus began an age of cold-blooded kings,
Of gargantuan insects and terrible lizards;
Some lived on plants but most ate other things,
Ripping out flesh from the guts and the gizzards.

18 The periods flew by – chalk it up to cretaceous –
And played out for millions of years prehistoric;
Then Chaos, in ways both playful and audacious,
Jostled a comet, which went meteoric.

19 The end of the world came sooner than thought,
But lo, not every creature was extinct:
The dinosaurs’ reign had all come to naught,
But in the aftermath, a furry small blink.

20 For milk-making monsters who mulled the mid-night,
They revelled in wake of the loss of the lizards,
And grew and evolved to a decent new height,
And survived the ice ages and snowfalls and blizzards.

21 Then one fateful day, on an open savannah,
A dominant life form began to take shape:
The story oft told is it slipped on a banana;
It’s hard to walk on two legs, for an ape.

22 The millennia ticked by; and brains were selected
By other lone monkeys looking for prime mates,
And over the years, this process affected
The development of some evolutionary traits.

23 As their minds expanded, the monkeys grew smart:
Developing math, religion, and more:
Philosophy, music, politics, and art;
But also murder, pollution, Suffering, and war.

24 Now Chaos, who was never far away,
Looked down upon the human scrimmage;
And she laughed upon their work and play,
For they were truly made of her image.

25 It’s been billions of years since Chaos, undecided,
Threw dust together and sired the Earth.
Now that the whole back-story has been provided,
It’s time to go out there and prove what it’s worth.

I had an assignment to submit a mind map summarizing the origins of the cosmos for my science class. Obviously I don't know what a mind map is, but I really enjoyed writing this poem, and creating the image that I had to submit. Yay for learning new things in Photoshop!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Poetry Month: Just Outside Eden

Just Outside Eden

"Dammit!" cried Adam. "We cannot undo!"
Eve whispered, "Why'd you lose the return key?"
The crosses were naught but a future view,
Now that they'd partook of the logic tree.
"Help us!" Eve called to the serpent ignoble,
But it just said: "Error: 'helpus' not defined."
"I don't understand; that variable's global!
Whoever made turtles was out of their mind."
Under the canopy they labelled their list,
'Till finally Adam shouted, "Oh, what the hell.
Let's run it, and if the problems still persist,
We'll debug the buggers right out of their shell."
So ignoring the taunts from the demon infernal,
They recompiled code and restarted the kernel.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Poetry Month: It's That Time of the Month

It's That Time of the Month

Gather round and hear the tale of the Monthly Match-make Man;
"A new girl every thirty days!" - that was his playboy plan.
"When you find out that she's not right and not quite what you wish you
Can put her into storage, and just wait for next month's issue!"
(It's clear you shouldn't emulate just 'cause you are in Rome;
This "just in case" is to cover all bases: kids, don't try this at home.)

He met the first young lady on a summer afternoon,
And when he did, his stomach slid, and made his insides swoon.
She loved to spoon, and played bassoon, which sent him over the moon;
Like him, she hated red (maroon), and liked his favourite tunes.
But her request to be a bride was, frankly, much too soon,
So with a hug, he gave her a bug to which she was not immune.

The second girl, he found her quick; 'twas but a short delay;
She worked down at the cabaret, and took his breath away.
She baked soufflé, made cream parfait, and tea from small sachets;
I'd say their play was more risqué than Fifty Shades of Grey.
But to his dismay, she'd never obey a thing he'd try to convey,
So at the last hour, he gave her a flower, and shipped her on her way.

The last and final one he met, she gave him such a great thrill,
When he tells the story, he'd say his jaw was agape, still.
Her tights are worn see-through and lace, and always with those shaped-frills;
She joins him in the shower, and shares his love for escape drills.
The Monthly Man is now in love, and vows steadfast that he'll
Always and forevermore be the fool of April.