Sunday, June 22, 2008

Of Consciousness and knowing that you know that he knows that you know etc.

I'm supposed to be doing my English Essay now. But you know the Law of Distractability...

Anyways I was reading some other people's blogs and I was just wondering. If the people who write these things are conscious of the impact of what they're saying on other people who read it. If they can understand or at least vaguely predict what the response of a number of more well-known associates would be like after this post. Does it impact their writing? Will it cause them to censor some things? Or bring out others? Or is it just: I've got a good idea and I'm not sure what my friends would say about it but it'd be good to know so I'll post it on my blog and see what they say.

Does the importance of the statement outweigh its inherent corniness? Or the other way around?

Meh. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about Herrick's cat; (s)he was really cute even if (s)he didn't do much.

Jx's conversation with his anonymous friend was rather intriguing. I'm probably not serious enough to have conversations like that. "Ironically, armies exist because other countries' armies exist." Gotta love that line.

I can't believe school's starting again. I feel like I need a holiday to relax after this infernal "name-is-a-lie" one.

What is it about the Singaporean environment and mentality that causes us to be like this? Money, power, pursuit of happyness... I've got all these friends who're seriously mugging their brains out and I see them say things like "I haven't done any studying today I'm so screwed". My god, even guilt has been programmed into them so perfectly that anything deviating from the so-called "desired path" causes a severe system backlash.

I've been really influenced by comics recently. DC's Infinite Crisis event was totally awesome, and I guess I learnt a lot more about people and life. Kinda ironic, isn't it? Learning about reality from fiction?

Sigh. Back to work I guess. 24 month jail term.

Counting down to Final Crisis (tomorrow),
The Edna Man

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's go Ride a Bike

...up to the highest height! Oh wait, wrong song.

I finally learnt how to ride a bike (that's bicycle for you) today at East Coast. It's damn awesome once you get going, but it's darn scary weaving in and out through other more experienced people who sneer at you as you swerve all over the track and crash into trees. Meh. My butt still hurts from that.

Anyway. Next stop: rollerblading!

Now knows how to balance on two wheels,
The Edna Man

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fifth Place

I'm supposed to be logging about my journey to the US of A but I haven't and probably might not ever come round to doing it. But there is something I want to put up: our Action Plan Presentation at FPS International Conference.

Basically it works like this: you've got an Action Plan you come up with at the end of the report; now you have to present it in 4 minutes or less using three required stuffs. This year it was a whisk, a butterfly net, and a quote: "If you want creative workers, give them time to play." --John Cleese

Anyway, with OM still on my mind and Whose Line ringing in my head, we decided to come up with a musical.

Background info: The problem was about Child Labour, where in the future there's this game called Star Seekers which is like WoW today. Dozens of shady "Star Schools" have popped up over the glove recruiting children from less-fortunate households to play the game 12 hours a day, basically farming stars which can be sold for real money. So that's basically the scenario. Our solution was that since these children will have no means of supporting themselves if Star Seekers goes out of fashion, inventing a Dream School Machine which teaches them different skills in their sleep can help them outside this specific "industry".

You can catch the video here: Star School Musical
or if you want better sound quality but an odd angle, there's this awesome guy fron Kazakhstan who put it up here.

Ladies and gentlemen, this… is Star School Musical. (American Idol Music)

Kek (Daniel):
We’re soaring,
Shooting down enemies that we can’t see
Aliens dying,
It’s a killing spree
Playing this forever
Stuck in this virtual reality
But I bet there’s other things
In this world to see
Something that is different from
Conquering galaxies
I’ve got a dream
Hey Boss, man
You can
Teach me another skill, not just how to play
I’ve been doing this almost everyday

All: Star Seekers: Labour in Disguise

Boss (Zhang):
In your dreams
Do I look like I care?
I just want to be a Millionaire?
This is just my money-making scheme
In your dreams
Why should I teach you new stuff
Isn’t half a day of gaming enough?
If you want to learn something extreme
Ha! In your dreams.

Kek: Dream? Dream? That idea’s supreme!

Dream Teacher (Me): Did someone say Dream?

Young man, you wanna learn something new
I said, young man, what are you gonna do?
I said, young man, let me give you a clue,
You can do it while you’re in bed
Da da da da da
You gotta use that Dream School Machine
You gotta use that Dream School Machine
If you’re tired of games
Everyday is the same
Then you just put this on your head…

Dream Kek (Kevin): Wow, I’m slimmer! And I have perfect vision!

Dream Teacher (Me):
The Classroom in Dreamland; what a wonderful place
The Classroom in Dreamland; better than outer space;
I’ll be your teacher, to guide you in your ways
You’ll learn anything
And everything
The Classroom in Dreamland

Why, looking at these two things
Kek: What are these two things?
Dream Teacher: In the realm of your mind, you can do what you will
Just with these simple things, you can learn any skill

You can climb a tall mountain, and stick in the flag
You can wear a small hairnet, so your perm doesn’t sag
Use it to cook, like soup on a stove
Digging for treasure in an old treasure trove

You can play the drums, or a xylophone
You can even make traps if you’re Home Alone
Dream Kek:
You could hit a home run for a winning streak
Or you could take a paddle up Kaka Creek

Dream Teacher:
Yeah, you got it, get creative
And your knowledge will be all automative

I used to be a gamer
Until I began to dream
Then I became a learner
Hard though it may seem

Working for long hours
Will lead you all astray
If you want creative workers
Give them time to play

It was totally awesome and after our performance for the rest of the conference we had people coming up to us saying how much they enjoyed it and how it was the best they've ever seen and stuff. It was so great! Hope you like it to =D

Redefining fifth place,
The Edna Man