Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Old Naphtalians

[Quote of the post] A straight path would be nice and easy to walk, but there wouldn't be much flowers by the side cause people who walked it earlier already picked everything growing beside the path. -[sufen]
[Song of the post] Bowling for Soup - Almost

Bowling for Soup - Almost
I almost got drunk at school at 14
Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen
Who almost went on to be miss texas
But lost to a sl** with much bigger br**stes
I almost dropped out to move to LA
Where I was almost famous for almost a day

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost loved you
I almost wished u would’ve loved me too

I almost held up a grocery store
Where I almost did 5 years and then 7 more
Cuz I almost got popped for a fight with a thug
Cuz he almost made off with a bunch of the drugs
That I almost got hooked on cuz you ran away
And I wish I woulda had the nerve to ask you to stay

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost had you
And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I guess that
I spent my time missing you
I almost wish you would’ve loved me too

Here I go thinking about all the things I could’ve done
I’m gonna need a forklift cuz all the baggage weighs a ton
I know we’ve had our problems I can’t remember one

I almost forgot to say something else
And if I cant fit it in I’ll keep it all to myself
I almost wrote a song about you today
But I tore it all open and I threw it away

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost had you
And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I guess that
I spent my time missing you
And I almost had you

I almost wish you would’ve loved me too


Like that song.

Anyway, the Naphtalians are splitting up, since the different subjects we chose will take us different paths. For the most part, we're all heading for 3.9 Zepheniah next year, while some will be filtered out to 3.10 Nehemiah. It's sad the class has to split up... two years with the same bunch of people plus a few special extras has made life more meaningful, difficult and enjoyable at the same time. 2.12 Naphtali gave birth to the New Naphtalians, a superhero storywhich I will try to continue through to next year. How I'm gonna do that I don't know. I mean, c'mon. How many adjectives start with a 'Z'?

Today was cool emceeing for SL day. I think I was a bit nervous, and might have done better if it wasn't such a formal event. If it were slightly more relazed I may have been able to tell my jokes more casually. However, Ms Lim was there and her "Sense of Humour" switch was off, and it influenced the rest of the audience, so it got rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy boring after awhile. I swear, during the blackout there were definitely more students who dozed off in the darkness than seemingly possible. Without any visuals, the sound of a droning voice can put a person to sleep in less than five minutes. Argh.

Yeah, and then there was the power failure during the last third of the presentation. So the presentors had no slides and the emcees had no light to read their script. >_< Emceeing with Daniel is quite fun =)

Final event today: A Sec 1 pupil is alledgedly being expelled for making certain comments on his blog about school or teachers or something. Well, as a writer of a parodizing story I'm gonna hold my tongue, or my finger, whatever, but seriously; criticizing your teacher on a blog is both stupid and crazy during this period. The Sedation Law is hanging over the heads of bloggers like a guillotine, and one slight mistake and - WHAMMO! I'm not saying you can't criticize people of higher authority on your blog, but FLAMING and INSULTING people just isn't the way. Maybe it's better to just keep it in; write it in your personal diary or something. If you need an outlet for your anger, that's probably the best.

Okay, until next time. Yay.


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