Sunday, October 23, 2005

Uncle Edna: Curtain Installer

[Quote of the post] ignoramus (n.) someone who doesn't know something you learned yesterday. -The Wit's Dictionary.
[Song of the post] Dragosta Din Tei - O-Zone

What a weekend. And still my internet's HORRIBLY SLOW so I'm like REALLY ANGRY right now. Sigh.

Yesterday, emceeing for Sec 1 M.A.D. Not bad, but we (Gid and I) were darn monotonous because the GEP person from HQ was there. I didn't dare use any of my jokes. >_<

After that Ms. Mazlind treated us to pizza at Pizza Hut. Gid was really funny because he kept complaining about the service. Truthfully, it wasn't very good. There were maggots in the fake plant, they forgot about our second platter and we had to ask four times before they brought us a jug of water. And during that time we (Me, other me, Gid, Boey and Zhang) found out that...

4 teachers are not going to be in school next year. Yes, sadly, it's true, but we've been sworn to give a secret vow never to tell anyone yet. We'll let them break your hearts. We hate being the bearers of bad news.

After that, to Toa Payoh (my old home - I should have left moving till after SL) for Service Learning. The group we were working with didn't seem like some voluntary group at all: they were cheerful and happy and so... not cranky. (Maybe I haven't been working with many voluntary groups in my lifetime.) Well, there was one person there who looks very familiar - either she looks like one of the people on my Australia tour group, or she looks like the actress in that short clip shown on that stupid workshop on Tuesday.

Speaking of which, that workshop was horrible. I'm really really really sorry Louis you had to go on Friday. Alone. Sorry sorry sorry. =(

Oh, and Promotion test on Friday (which is why Louis went alone on Friday). Got all my knots correct (Yay! Hooray for mugging and the Internet! Which coincidentally is slow on my com so boo) so I have a slightly higher change of passing. Whee.

No, back to SL. We were installing curtains for the old folks. Unfortunately, Tucky brought black curtains from his mother's curtain shop and the old folks didn't like them because in their Chinese culture black is the colour of death. Ah well. But at least I installed three curtains. =)

And TUCKY GOT KICKED IN THE A**. No, seriously, one of the Spaces helpers kicked him in the rear when we were leaving. I can't remember what it was for, but he got booted in the booty. (Okay, that sounds wrong.) And they know him by Tucky! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's like, "Tucky? Why Tucky?" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It pays to stay back and help with the last curtain, because you get to see and hear stuff like this. MUHAHAHA!!

Ah well. That's it I guess. Besides the fact that we got our results back and I PASSED CHINESE!!! WOOHOO! I thought I wasn't going to make it because of my summary... *don't want to talk about it* and my compo *not wanting to talk about it either*... but I made it. And I made this hit list out of the people in class I could get marks from, and I'm on six out of ten lists. Hmm...

Oh well. Catch ya later.

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