Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

It's the 29th of Feburary! A day that shifts into existence only once every four years! And... there's nothing special about it. No special events, no special celebrations, no special things that you should be able to do only on this day and no other day of the year. It's quite sad actually. I tried thinking of stuff I could do today, but the only thing that came up was that you could look at the horoscope for today, since the Greeks or Romans, whoever they were, didn't have leap years; the Gregorian calendar was only introduced in the second millenium.

Sigh. There's so much reason for something to be special, yet it isn't. Because in the end, it's just like everything else.

Well. Happy birthday to all the lucky people born on the 29th of Feb! At least today was special for you.

Because reason says I should die three years ago
The Edna Man

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Raven's Cry

The tears are streaming down her face:
Falcon's splendor, peace of dove;
Her arms locked in feathered embrace
Around the one she's come to love.
She never would have guessed before:
Stubborn, proud; her hatred burned!
Bound to him forevermore
Till he expressed care and concern.
Tomorrow will bring wings of change,
Freedom would be understood;
But winds of fate demand exchange:
Their love for the greater good.
Yet high above where eagles soar
Will always sound the raven's caw.

Repeat after me: I have no talent. (I have no talent.) Jonny has all the talent. (Jonny has all the talent.) If I'm lucky, some of Jonny's talent will rub off on me. (If I'm lucky, Mr. Talent will rub his tentacles on my art.)

Wow. Just... wow.
The Edna Man

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What is happy if you've never been sad?
What is good if you don't know what's bad?
What's a blessing if you've never been cursed?
What's feeling better if you've never felt worse?

What is joy if you don't know what's sorrow?
How do you lead if you never have followed?
What is hope without despair?
What is here without a there?

What's free will if you don't know what's fate?
How do you love when you don't know what's hate?
What's desire if you're always content?
Which path's straight if you don't know what's bent?

What is crying if you always laugh?
Is your life whole if you're only living half?

Boey is making me think. He's really upset about the splitting up of GEP, and he still is, after two months. Not saying I'm not, but it's making me think. You know how people always tell you to be happy and all the other positive stuff? Well, here's a question: why? What's so good about being happy? Sure, you feel better, but are you really living life, if you're always happy, and never know what sadness, pain, remorse, pity, longing, or disappointment are? Boey's got my sympathy.

The Edna Man

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Singapore Flyer

What should I do when my birthday comes around? Ever since I found out it's opening on the first, I've been obsessed about going to the flyer on my birthday. The price per person is $29.50, without express check-in or whatever. I've checked my angpao money; I've got $230 I think. That means I can bring 7 people (including myself). But if I only subsidize two-thirds the price, that makes it 10 people; half the price, and it brings it up to 12. My mom says that I should see if I can get a student-bulk-discount and like, go with my class or something. But there are some things about the uncalcuable power of certain acts which go beyond any mere human understanding.

If I do go, who should I bring? Old friends, to reinforce the friendships? Or new friends, to construct my identity? Or a mixture of both, and resort to being mediator between two warring factions like Isaac's party? (Hahaha, that was like, WAY long ago XD)

Well, I want to go anyways. Try and stop me.

I really liked my last poem; I don't know why.

The Edna Man

Monday, February 18, 2008


A smile that's wiped off from your face;
An angel which did this from grace.
It's that which comes after a pride;
A shooting star, a meteorite.

Into traps and on hard times;
Soldiers do this into lines;
Into rhythm with a song;
Into place: plans don't go wrong.

What night and silence do so well;
When prices thus more goods will sell;
Water pours from the cliff above;
What you do when you trip into love.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Everlasting Love

Unrequited Love - Parody of Everlasting Love by Jamie Cullum

A deeper feeling
That you have for someone
It's so appealing
But when you've just begun
They say they don't
Really like you back that way
Work out it won't;
"But we can still be friends, okay?"

Open up your eyes
Then you'll realize
This is what is called
Unrequited love

Need them by your side
But you got denied
No one knows you cried
Unrequited love

Doesn't mean that they love you
It must be fate
'Cos although your love is true
There's always others
Who will draw their gaze away
You're just another
Face that they see everyday

Listen to the lies
Get ready for goodbyes
You're the one who dies
Unrequited love

Even though you tried
Still the great divide
You and I collide
Unrequited love

Two of us apart
Breaking up my heart
Wanting you forever
Unrequited love

Don't you know nothing lasts forever
Don't you know nothing lasts forever
Don't you know nothing lasts forever
Don't you know nothing lasts forever

There's no love that lasts forever

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes Love just ain't Enough

Some guy in Sec 3 committed suicide yesterday.

I think it's very wasted. From the information released, it sounded like an impulse suicide. Which isn't the best form of the art; as in, if you want to go out with a bang, doing it just to escape your problems isn't the best way to solve your problems. But if you're making a statement to the world, if suicide is the only option for people to notice you and take your message seriously, if your life is the price you're willing to pay to let the world know and hopefully change, then the death is less in vain. I'm not like, advocating suicide or anything; but if you really have to do it, then doing it for personal reasons isn't they way to go.

Here's a hypothetical question: if you're not connected to the world anymore, does that give you the right to release yourself from this plane of existence, instead of being forced to cling onto it due to societal conventions? Existential angst.

Student Council elections coming up. I find it very... wrong that just missing the camp/LYS automatically disqualifies you from the nomination process. It makes no sense; someone who's more appropriate for the job could miss the leadership position just because he's busy that day.

I... don't think I want to join Student Council. I doubt I'm charasmatic enough, and I lack one of the seventeen essential qualities: school pride. But seriously, I'm now even less inclined to participating in an organization. It feels so claustrophobic. I seriously don't want to do it if all it does is look good an a CV. Wonder how many people have that as sole reason.

Love, actually.
The Edna Man

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Walk with Me

I think I finally figured out why people need a God. One of the reasons, at least. Because people are all so different, there is not a single person - friend, acquaintence, lover, whatever - that will walk with you or will want you to walk with down the path of life. Because everybody's different, with different self-interests and different paths they have placed in front of themselves to walk down. So people create a God to convice themselves that there is someone who will walk with them down the path of their life without going his own separate way. And the difference between that and an imaginary friend is that while each person can have his own single individual imaginary friend, everyone can have God walking down his or her path because that's what God is supposed to be, omnipresent.

Why is it that some things are designed perfectly while so many other things aren't?

On the road less travelled,
The Edna Man

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yeah, what he said. I love eating over CNY =D

There's one thing I noticed though. If you ever want to be an international superspy, become a waiter. Or waitress. (But not both at the same time.) After you hover around the table where the President of Another Country is sitting with his Delegates you might be able to pick up enough information to sell to YOUR government for big bucks. Really, waiters are like the ultimate eavsedroppers.

I don't feel like the last five days were holidays. Time seems to be slipping by so quickly. After all the meetings with relatives and stalling at people's houses I don't feel like there's been a holiday at all. Oh well. At least I learnt Mahjong: Advanced Rules.

Kinda interesting how lots of other people find their families irritating. As in, extended families.

I was looking at my blogposts again since the beginning of time and I realise that I was really different three, four years ago. My thinking was so... childish, naive, streamlined. Now it's just chaotic.

Well. Happy CNY!

Monday, February 04, 2008


A little boy lived in a hut out of town,
On an isle in between streams.
He didn’t have parents; lost when they drowned
In the river, while chasing their dreams.

It was summer, with warmth and fresh summer air
And soon he enjoyed being free;
For he was too young to learn how to despair;
For food, he had a fruit tree.

Daily he’d wake, and see sleepily
That an apple had fallen somewhere.
He’d take it and munch it hungrily,
Before tossing the core over there.

And thus the weeks passed; eventually;
The boy kept the doctor at bay:
At morn he would sit at the shade of the tree
And wait for his fruit for the day.

Autumn arrived; the leaves turned red,
And then disaster struck:
When the boy woke from his bed,
His tree was out of luck.

The boy, of course, was totally lost:
What happened to his tree?
So he decided, with legs crossed,
To sit and wait patiently.

The sun went down; the moon arose
The shadows stretched long and tall.
And the little boy shivered in his clothes
For still not one fruit did fall.

“Maybe tomorrow”, he said to himself,
While dizzying shapes spun his head;
And he dragged his body back up to the shelf
Of rock that made up his bed.

For weeks he awaited; the hope of youth!
Surviving only on drink;
His mind only held these three basic truths:
To fast, to wait and to think.

Winter approached, and snow brought the cold
And the frost that chilled to the bone;
And the boy realized that, truth be told,
The tree had left him alone.

And with all hope lost, with all promise gone,
The temperature hardened his soul:
He couldn’t continue placing hope at the dawn;
That became his ultimate goal:

To not depend on anyone,
To have no need for hope;
And when that was all said and done
He found new ways to cope.

He did not want for anything
Nor did he expect more,
Happiness was what the fates would bring;
All else, he would ignore.

He learnt to fish, he learnt to cook,
He learned to trap and bait.
He learnt to hunt and learned to look
For food that lay in wait.

Winter turned to spring, and soon
Summer returned with its power.
And in that time the apple tree blooms
Turned into fruit from their flowers.

The little boy, now another year older,
Was also another year wise.
The sunlight that shone though the tree’s leaves were colder
Than the fire that burned in his eyes.

“In the hour when I needed you most,
You turned and went your way.
Now from the dead and like a ghost,
You try to hold me sway.

“I’ve learnt to live without sadness or pain,
Even if you disappear.”
And like droplets of a crimson rain,
The apples fell like tears.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Schrodinger's Comic

This is hilarious. XD
The Edna Man

Saturday, February 02, 2008


A diamond in a lump of coal;
A poker hand with just one suit;
A wholesome, shining, perfect soul;
A non-irrational square root.

A person who thinks out the box;
A desert flooding in the rain;
A school that does not sell its socks;
Old friends meeting once again.