Friday, March 28, 2008

OM Again!

Wow. I never thought coaching primary school girls for OM would be so fun.

I've been doing it for two weeks so far, on Tuesdays and Fridays and Wednesdays, and it's awesome fun.

I gotta say though. It's very exhausting. There's like twenty or more girls and most of them are all so hyperly-active I wouldn't be surprised if they bled chocolate sauce. And the screaming. Man, that hurts badly. Like all they can do is scream. Most of the time, anyway.

But aside from that, these girls are pretty awesome! They've got lots of creative ideas, and it's immense fun playing Whose Line? games with them. We've done Props (a favourite), Emotions, News Reporter, Helping Hands (the most favourite of them all), Party Quirks, Sitting, Standing, Lying Down, and a lot more but I think I forget. IT'S SUPER FUN. It's one of the things that I'm looking forward each week now.

Oh yeah, I think one of the most creative ideas: We were playing props, and the scene was that some people were moving house and the rest of them had to be objects. We prevented them from being ordinary stuff like tables, chairs, etc. One group of four turned out to be a FAMILY PORTRAIT! That was the most astoundingly creative idea of all so far I think.

Well, can't wait for the next coaching session. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN

By the way, all you sick dirty people. THERE IS NO INNUENDO HERE.
The Edna Man

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life After People

I just watched the above show on the History Channel. I think it's awesome, both the channel and the programme. THC can definitely rival the Discovery Channel and give it a run for its money.

Back to the programme. It seems so... demoralizing? That the traces of our civilization will only last another thousand years at best, if we are completely wiped off the face of the earth at this point in time. Nothing we made today can stand the test of time. It's so ironic that the ancient Egyptian writings, carved into stone and clay, will outlast and have outlasted our CDs and paper. It really puts things into perspective: we're nothing really, compared to time. Nothing.

Oh yeah, another thing. Went up the mountain cemetary again today. For the last time. I've been going like, ever since I was 7. Or 12, I can't remember. Anyway, for the past 5 or 10 years I've been climbing up that hill and paying respect to Chinese traditions and my long-gone great-grandfather and now they're going to exhume the corpses and move them all away so they can build something else. I'm not really happy nor sad, but well. It's different.

Everything changes.
The Edna Man

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Even if you don't love me anymore

I got the call today,
That I didn’t wanna’ hear
But I knew that it would come
Old true friend of ours
Was talking on the phone
She said you found someone
And I thought of all the bad luck,
And struggles we went through
How I lost me and you lost you
What are these voices outside love's open door
Make us throw of our contentment
And beg for something more?

I’m learning to live without you now
But I miss you sometimes
And the more I know, less I understand
All the things I thought I knew, I’m learning again
I’ve been trying to get down
To the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak
And my thoughts seem to scatter
But I think its about
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

All these times are so uncertain
Though the yearning undefined
And then people filled with rage
We all need a little tenderness
How can love survive
In such a graceless age?
The trust and self-assurance that leads to happiness
They're the very things we kill, I guess
Our pride and competition
Cannot fill these empty arms
And the work I put between us
You know it doesn’t keep me warm

I’m learning to live without you now
But I miss you sometimes
And the more I know, less I understand
All the things I thought I figured out
I have to learn again
I’ve been trying to get down
To the heart of the matter
But everything changes
And my friends seem to scatter
But I think its about
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

There are people in your life, who’ve come and gone
They let you down, you know they hurt your pride
You better put it all behind you; ‘coz life goes on
You keep carrying that anger, it will eat you up inside

I’ve been trying to get down
To the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak
And my thoughts seem to scatter
But I think its about
Even if, even if you don’t love me...

I’ve been trying to get down
To the heart of the matter
Because the flesh will get weak
And the ashes will scatter
So I’m thinking about
Even if, even if you don’t love me...


Even if you don’t love me anymore.

--The Heart of the Matter, The Eagles.

Monday, March 17, 2008


"It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well."
--Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Improv Everywhere!

Hey, JC just directed me to this site:

These people are totally awesome. I mean, they've got something going! They create scenes, just to add some fun into people's lives. I mean, they got 200 people to freeze for five minutes in New York's Grand Central station! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!

I feel like following in their footsteps. It sure'll make life more interesting.

The Edna Man

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sixteen Going On Seventeen

Hey! I'm seventeen! My birthday was quite AWESOME. I can't remember having this much fun in two and a half months.

Kk, first things first. Went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles at Cineleisure. It was quite awesome, but not of epic quality. I so definitely want to read the book now. We were supposed to watch at 1pm, and meet for lunch at 12pm. But apparently everyone was late, so we had lunch after. Oh yeah, I called Dneo like, five times at 11 to wake him up, and each time he kept hanging up on me. And eventually he woke up at 12:10pm only. And Boey Yang allegedly overslept, and missed the movie 'cos he "had to have lunch" first.

Kk, so after that, we went to Taka to have lunch. Herr kept koping my noodles. Then he went to buy his own. Pfft. XD Oh yeah, Mrs Hah called me up to check if I can help her and her OM team with Spontaneous. I think it's going to be quite fun, but I don't know if my humour is too old for them to understand.


Okay, first, while we were walking there from City Hall MRT, we saw this plane flying towards it. We were all immediately like, OMG MAS SELEMAT. But it made a turn and swerved off in another direction. It would have been so cool if I managed to catch a picture of that.

K then, FLYER! Wow, the view from up there is so amazing. You could see Indonesia. You could see EVERYTHING. Man, being right at the top, 150 metres in the sky, that was awesome. It's like being at the top of the world! And Dneo's scared of heights. Like, how can someone so awesome be scared of heights? Well anyway, I got like a ton of pics, but my battery ran out around halfway. Oh yeah, near the end, Zhang and Darrell started doing those -__- NeoPrint girl pose things. Ewwww. And then Louis and Zhang did the M18 version XD Oh yeah there was this couple who got married in the next capsule, I think. I was wondering what they do for the full half hour or so inside. The priest gives a long speech, and then at the top they say "I do!" And then, for the rest of the time, they just sit around, going "Now what?" Oh yeah, they took our photo on the ground in front of a green screen, then edited the sky in so it looks like we were on the flyer XD Oh, Louis, Jason and Zhang got me a Singapore Flyer cap! So awesome =D

Okay after Flyer, had to take a 75 all the way to Rail Mall to get to Lorraine's house. I was with Jason, and I was so scared that the bus would like, overshoot or not go the right way or something, 'cos it was over an hour and we still hadn't reached. Well, finally I managed to get there, and I didn't get lost! Oh yeah, I saw this fruit-bat thing climbing a tree. I tried to take a picture but the flash only got its reflective eye. Still, it looks quite creepy.

Class party! I arrived pretending to be lost XD I managed to get a picture of Arun stripping during Strip Poker! And Lorraine's house is super-far away from the nearest food. Chocolate sauce can only make things better! And omg Jarrel's mom makes awesome cakes!

Then I got home at about 11 and had another family cake XD Woah too much chocolate XD

All in all, a wonderful birthday, I think. Go read Herrick's blog to hear what he has to say about reunions and "It's the people you bring on it that counts" or whatever he said. There there, Herrick, you'll be alright. *pats*

Oh yeah, presents! I got a puzzle message-thing from Kwong, which I haven't had time to put together yet; Boey got me the Teen Titans comic I was looking for when I was looking for his present, haha! Oh yeah, and the super-awesome cap from the Flyer from Jason, Louis and Zhang. Darrell Neo and Herrick are supposed to get me a set of rechargable batteries with charger. XD And I think my classmates are giving me stuff too, but on Monday, 'cos they didn't expect me at the party. XD

The Edna Man

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Walking at 30+ kmph

Whee! Yesterday I walked the distance of an MRT train, from nose to tail. It was quite cool! I tried searching Wikipedia for the speed of our MRTs but I couldn't find it anywhere. But man! How often do you get to walk at speeds of (estimated) 30+ kilometres per hour!

Boey's party yesterday. I really hope he liked my present... I think I spent about four hours alone just searching for the material components. Did you know that those photo album sold at that fancy book place at Taka cost like, $30? That's enough for a trip on the Flyer. I couldn't afford it, so in the end I just used some card and string and bound the whole thing together.

Darrell got dunked in the pool! Haha, that was funny XD He was dripping all over the floor. And the joy of Munchkin has been spread all around!

Hmm, again I didn't get much to eat XD BUt I guess it's okay lah. Oh yeah, Bryan Ong shoved me out of a taxi carpool even though he was the last one to join. I didn't want to keep the taxi driver waiting so I decided to leave and take the MRT instead. Meh. I'd have gotten home like, abour 40 mins earlier. At least he apologised. I'd say more, but well, it won't be good.

Hmm. Juzzie commented that I rebel against the system "when it's most convenient for you". Or something like that. But well, I'm not sure if that's true or not; I mean, standing in the rain because I think the system is flawed isn't really convenient for me; neither is giving my seat up on a taxi to take an extra 40+ minutes to go home. And then you come back to the argument on consciousness, and whether these examples are just elaborate explanations given by a self-preserving subconsciousness to make it seem like I'm doing the right thing while actually being an excuse to cover up the hideous heresy this particular personage is criminally committing. Argh, alliteration overload.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Almost Had You

I was in Takashimaya today hunting for a present component for Boey and I went down to Kino to see if they had any Teen Titans comics. I FOUND ONE AT ONLY $13. I had a budget, so I decided to come back down later after I checked Borders and Popular. When I came back, defeated, THE COMIC WAS GONE T_T

I have no idea whether my present is going to make Boey more emo.

It's like, only been two months, and I can't contact anyone anymore. Each person I called today never picked up. Until like, much much later. Makes you realize: you've got to start doing things by yourself. Which is why I'm bringing my camera around from now on.

CASH makes the world go round: Creativity, Action, and Service Hours
The Edna Man

Friday, March 07, 2008


Do you believe that there's something more powerful about the human spirit which allows it to go beyond convention and change the world? I do. I feel it is so possible, I'm actually trying to do it. There's probably some argument that all our flaws makes us human and if we're perfect we're not human, etc. Maybe it's time to redefine the definition of "human". I'm not saying we become gods; I'm just saying that we, as a collective human race, can be more, so much more, than what we are now.

There's something about transcending the basic human purpose of survival. There's something about not caring about life to such an extent that you're willing to sacrifice your health and welfare for something you believe in. (Something good, of course. Not like terrorism or anything.) There's something about detaching yourself from this material world so much that nothing matters anymore, and you don't feel anything; pain, pleasure, sadness, joy, nothing.

Going beyond,
The Edna Man


The reason why we can't have free press is because the readers of said press aren't mature enough for it yet.

I think I'm too nice for my own good.

I want to stop caring but it's not working.

No sided love is hatred, one sided love is obsession.
Two sided love is friendship, three sided love is depression.

The break is a lie.

Have no sympathy for the weak
Show no mercy for the wounded
Weep no tears for the dead
Grant no redemption for the damned
For this is our world
And our fate.

It kinda says something if you can't go to your own birthday party.
The Edna Man

Monday, March 03, 2008


I have experienced a Van der Graff generator. My life is now complete.

In related news, Mr. Bernard Taylor is AWESOME.

In other news, Jarrel Seah is AWESOME. And DAMN FREAKY. Uh. AWESOMELY DAMN FREAKY.

I hope the terrorist guy gets caught soon so I can Singapore Flyer with peace of mind.

The Edna Man

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Judging by the posts and comments of other people on their blogs and my clickybox, it didn't really matter standing in the rain in the honour of ceremony.

So what good fight are you fighting if the people don't need you to?

The opposite of war isn't peace; it's creation
The Edna Man

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rain on my Parade

I think it's time to really stop depending on other people. Thanks to the power of self-interest, you can't expect anyone to follow you, to go against the grain by your side. Each and every individual is isolated, persuing his or her own goals, dreams, objectives. Survival demands it. Survival requires it.

Rain washed out the 122nd Founder's Day parade today. Except that the Guest of Honour was over half an hour late, in the rain, which meant that the UYO squads had to freeze in the rain. And there was no wet-weather contingency, no Plan-B, nothing. Freeze in the rain, get a cold, all for some stupid ceremony. Tradition, ceremony, professionalism; all more important than the health and welfare of the individual.

I should have kept standing in the rain. Fight for what's right.

Viva la revolution.
The Edna Man