Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dr. Horrible: The Game!

Now as often as I've raved about the genius that is Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I've never come across something as awesome as this. It's a Nintendo-style interpretation of the entire story musical, and it is AWSOME. I find the similarities in the storylines so well done and thought out, and it really is quite funny to see all these in game format. What's more, the 8-bit soundtrack is SO WELL DONE. It's not orchestra level audiophonics, but it was just so integrated and I loved the way he utilized the themes to great effect. Why don't you check it out yourself.

I hear that he's making a similar game for Glee, which I think might prove very interesting.

It's a perfect story, so they say
The Edna Man

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friends I Haven't Yet Met

If you don't know by now, I have a side blog called Friends I Haven't Met, which was set up on this initiative to start talking to strangers (against all my mother told me) and connecting with more people in this world. It hasn't been very successful so far, bit today I had my second encounter, so hopefully it'll kinda gain some momentum from here. I'm just slightly disappointed that it wasn't a cute schoolgirl though.

The Edna Man

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Teh-O! parody of Dynamite by Teh-O Taio Cruz

I come to eat, eat, eat, eat
The best kopitiam by the street, street, street, street
My kaki-lang come for a treat, treat, treat, treat
My tissue paper chope the seat, seat, seat, seat
(But, but)
The queue goes on and on and on
And it's so long, so long, so long


I throw my hand up in the air and shout:
"Auntie, Teh-O!"
"How come so slow?"
I need a drink and I need it now
Need a Teh-O
Auntie, let's go!

No Milo Dinosaur
'cause my throat still ache
Don't want teh-C, please
Don't want teh tarik

I don't want chin chow
Don't need Tiger Beer
Is it ready now,
Can you bring it here?

My favourite drink, drink, drink, drink
It is the best; don't have to think, think, think, think
I feel bandung is just too pink, pink, pink, pink
I always pour it down the sink, sink, sink, sink
(Yeah, yeah)
And it just flows and flows and flows
And it just goes and goes and goes


After some time you will get sick of lime
Get a Teh-O!
Don't be bodoh!
Don't have to ask me; you can ask my wife
She loves Teh-O!
Baby, let's go!

I buy it all the time
Just don't care the price
Drink it everyday
Maybe once or twice

Don't add anything
It won't make you choke
Don't need to make it cold
It's already shiok!

First make sure your cup's free,
And then make sure your water's boiling,
Add sugar and the tea
Make sure you don't drop any oil in
And then, then, then you leave it
And then, then, then,
You just wait a while, you just wait a while
I'm gonna make one more cup for you
More cup for you
Get one more cup for you

You know how hard it is to make this rhyme?
Get a Teh-O!
Don't be kaypoh!
You can't even cut it with a sharp knife
'Cause it's Teh-O!

'Cause I spend all my cash
Got no more money
Cannot even pay
For a kopi-C

'Cause I drink too much
Getting quite sian, leh
I think I changing to
Maybe Bubble Teh...


I'm not really into modern hip-hop/dance/electronic/Autotone, but I just was inspired to do this. Army sure teachs you a lot of bad English.

Thanks to Wikipedia's articles of Singaporean cuisine and the Singlish database on

And arr, missed anotherrr Speak Like a' Pirate Day. Avast.
The Edna Man

Thursday, September 09, 2010


There's a cute Japanese girl who takes the same bus I do home everyday.

The Edna Man