Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

[Quote of the post] sarcasm (n.) striking while the irony is hot.
[Song of the post] Real and Scary - Fairly Odd Parents

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Come closer, my pretties! My black cat screen won't bite you!

Ahaaa! Don't you think it's really baaad thaaat nobody celebraaates Haaalloween in Singapore? It really saaahks your blaaahd!

Oooooh! Beeefoooooreeee Iiii foooorgeeet! Haaaaappy birthdaaaaay Juzzieeeeee!

Uh! Aaarrh! Uuuuhhhh! *in deep grunty voice*

OKAY now to more serious matters (and less stupid monster impressions).

It's sad Halloween isn't celebrated in Singapore. Halloween is a time for disguises and masks, and you get to do stuff you're not allowed to do anytime else (like asking strangers for candy). Carving Jack-O-Lanterns, bobbing for apples... being a Western custom, it stays in the West. *sigh*

Nothing much to blog about today... PSL training looks quite fun *more fun than prefect camp anyway*.... Henry got a tape stuck in the extractor... It's Juzzie's bitrthday... It's also my dad's... It's Jerrold's birthday tomorrow *Happy birthday in advance*... nobody's commented on my last post yet... Yeah, well, like Herrick said, with freedom comes boredom, and once boredom sets in, it can't be killed. Even on Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Awards of Appreciation

[Quote of the post]
And all my class
Naphtalians forever
Didn't think three feet would seem so far - My Class - Parody
[Song of the post] My Class - Parody

Well, that's all folks. The final curtain has been drawn. That's all she wrote. It's the beginning of the end. There ain't nothing left. Zilch. Nada. We're done. Finished.

The last day of school has come and gone by, and it's like the shifting of the tables to our new classes signed the death warrant. There's no going back. Nothing short of inventing a time-travelling machine can ever take us back to the way things were.

Today was another one of those best days of my life. We had a final memorial service for 2.12 Naphtali, and as Herrick put it (I was never a one for speeches - and quoting), "When it boils down to it, it's us which make this class special." I couldn't have said it better myself. (Oh yeah and we all sang my parody and the feeling was great and everything and I can't believe everyone would be singing and I felt so touched... =) ) So I guess the basic thing to do now is to thank everyone in 2.12 Naphtali for being in 2.12 Naphtali! As with all cases, we start the beginning with...

Ang Seng Wei. You have been a great friend and spreader of lame jokes. (Whoo! Lameness!) You may be small but you don't mind people joking about your height, which is good, 'cos you need to laugh about yourself sometimes. (I do it all the time, like now! Haha!) You've been someone I can talk to, and you also turn to me when you need help. Thanks. And this morning, when you said the song made you cry; I don't know whether you were joking or not, but I felt this powerful feeling of emotion and knew that you were a true friend and Naphtalian. =)

Boey Yang. You're not as bad as some people think you are. Playing Monopoly with Team Slack that day made me realise that. Perhaps it shows more with your inner circle of friends. Anyways, it has been really enjoyable with you in 2.12 (especially being the target of many jokes XD).

Peter Chan. Heh. You're closer to Team Slack than to me, but that doesn't say much. I've valued your advice as well as your humour, and it's really hard to lose such a friend. I'll miss you. =(

Yong Jun. You're the first scholar I've come to know and love, and even though your English may not be very good, your good humour still shines through. And thanks for all those funky emails! Yeah! But next time, don't send me those Malay ones... I can't read Malay. XD

Job Chong. As the most valued technical and practical member of the OM team, you deserve ample recognition. We may not have been very close, but you're still good for a laugh, anytime, anywhere. The bling is strong in you, young one. XD

Hsieh Wen. As far as good friends go, you're great. I appreciate the daily fuzzies and the Chinese help. You're a great friend I wouldn't want to lose. =)

Zhang Quan. Lol, we have much in common this year. Prefect Selection Camp, MPac, and lots of other stuff that I can't quite remember. If it wasn't for you, our class party wouldn't have happened, and I thank you for your wonderful organization skills. You're always happy, and seems to influence people around you, including me. Yay! =D

Henry Liu. I have to say, you're one of my greatest friends. Although you're continouosly stressed by your various and numerous commitments, you still strive on. Everything I've done with you: OM, Prefects, ISO; we worked well together. You've changed 2.12 a lot, and it's very sad we're parting. You shall always be my friend. =)

Isaac Lim. H'oh no! Your "deafness" provides a certain comic relief in class that I really appreciate. Thanks for all those de-stressing hugs, Snakey Lem and "A little to hard knock on the head, eh?" XD Your creativity in OM was invaluable, and your singing roXx0rz! It's gonna be darn hard to forget you, I swear, even if I tried. XP

Jarrel Seah. Thanks for all those daily phone calls about homework. Thanks for helping me in math. Thanks for your superspeed speech and you own brand of humour. Thanks for changing 2.12 by learning logarithms before anyone else, and solving math problems in half the time it takes for others to. Thanks for being such a great friend. =)

Jeremy Kong. Another well-known friend! Who helps me in math too! And of course, your mathematical/scientific/logical (delete where applicable) view on life had influenced me greatly. You don't conceal your emotions, so there's this honest bond between us that can't be broken. You've been a wonderful friend, and changed 2.12 drastically (in a good way). =)

Joshua Rene. We may not be very close, but OM has brought us slightly closer. You're good for a chat or a laugh now and then, and 2.12 would never had been if you and Gid weren't laughing so much during break. It's the noise you make that makes the class. =P

Kevin Low. You've been a wonderful chairman and great leader. Your brand of humour is the most hilarious and it's great that you know so many people. Stay happy, though! XD
Edit: I have no idea who wrote that. Someone must have hijacked my blog. None of it's true, so just ignore it.

Sheu Zhi. Well, there's a lot to say about you but I don't know how to say it. You provide a different form of humour that... ceases to amaze. XD You still have your philosophical side, though, and it's nice discussing with you. I sure will miss you. =(

Louis Lim. A friend till the end. You've helped me a lot, joked with me a lot, and MPac brought us together. I envy your art skills - you manage to draw with such naturalness and spontaenity and they're really nice too! =D If you're reading this in Malaysia, can you remember to send me I'm Still Here? Thanks. XD

Chin Chuan. Your partnership with Louis to create some of the funniest scenes is really stuck in my memory. Even though we sat a class apart, we'll always be tight (i.e. friends). Don't let the mainstream get you down! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR SCHOLARSHIP! YEAH! XD

Darrell Neo. Another daily fuzzier. Well, it's been a great year with you and your laughter. You're a great friend and wonderful card-partner, Lol. Just stop stealing my pencil-box or my cat and we'll call it even. XP

Bryan Ong. A great fan friend and avid TNN critic! Woohoo! And it's thanks to you that I learnt so much about X-Box and Playstation. It's been a wonderful year with you. =)

Herrick Ong: Philosopher. 'Nuff said.
Seriously, you've been a great vice-chair and even better friend. Helping me with personal emotional problems, helping me control the class, helping me out with parodies and puns... there's not much more a friend can ask for. And you're gonna have ta live my life for a year as Chairman, ha! Many things can't be expressed with words, and my appreciation is one of them. Thank you Herrick. =)

Samuel Teo. You're good for a laugh anyday, and sitting beside you during the exam period and talking to you, even that little bit, makes me appriciate you more. Monopoly was fun too! XD

Shaun Lee. Oh my word. This is gonna be tough. Uh... your photoshop skills can make any picture look like Louis's (or even better - sorry Louis XD). Thanks for helping me out with my emotional problems too, even if it was only stopping to listen. 2.12 would never have been the same without their Archbishop, and your creative contributions are greatly appreciated. Thanks you so much! =)

Sidhant Sirikumar. You've been a great friend, and as another OMer, we have a common experience. Your name will ever be synonymous with Potatoes and Monkeys. =)

Tan Jun Yi. yharlothar! Jun Yi, I like you for who you are, a friend. You seem to let loose in class, but by your blog it can be seen that you have that serious, sensitive side. If it wasn't for you, there'd be no "Jun Yi! Shirt!", no "Jun Yi! Wake up!" and no "Jun Yi! Are you sleeping inside again?" before locking the door. I will definitely miss you, and you lame jokes. Thanks for lending me FF8 for the holidays. =)

Darren Wee. You may not have talked much through the year, but I like talking to you on MSN. We need to talk again, so please come online more often, I'll see if I can help. =)

Kevin Wong. You have been a great friend, both in and out of school. I think everyone appreciates your kindness and compassion, and your optimistic personality, which has helped me a couple of times. I've said a lot of stuff before, and I can't remember it now, so just another great big thank you! =)

Gideon Yap. Our very own class bouncer. What will I do now you're in a different class? Your type of humour is very hilarious, and it's mostly because of you that 2.12 is what it is today. I'll miss you, your laughter, your jokes, your stealing my jacket. =(

Daniel Yee. It's really sad we're being split too. You're a wonderful friend and even though you may a bit negative at time, I doubt you mean it. Words can't describe how much I'll miss you. =(

Yu Weihua. Hua, you've been a great friend too, and player of Duel Masters (Lol). Even you may be closer to Team Slack, we'll still be tight. =)

It's really painful for our class to have to split up like this. Like Herrick said, it's us that makes 2.12 Naphtali 2005 what it really is. Thanks to everyone in 2.12, you really made my year.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Naphtalians! Now!

[Quote of the post]
Believing hear, what you deserve to hear:
Your birthday as my own to me is dear;
But yours gives most; for mine did only lend
Me to the world; yours gave to me a friend.
[Song of the post] My Love - Westlife

Happy birthday to Kevin Wong! Yay! Whee, timed it just right. Kev's supposed to start a blog on his birthday; I'll link it ASAP and fix Daniel's broken link as well.

You might not remember, but there's this blogpost a couple weeks back about this bond between us. Yeah, having the same name can really bring people together, y'know? I won't talk much about this, but thanks Kwong for being my friend. =)

What I really want to talk about is this. In 48 hours time, the class of 2.12 Naphtali 2005 will officially cease to exist. We move to Sec 3, with a more difficult year ahead of us, different classes, different friends, different teachers, different trends. (Hey, that rhymed.)

As I look back over the year, the times we had, the times we shared, the things we did together, the things we laughed about, the teachers we joked about, the things we shouted about... *sigh* I really am going to miss 2.12.

When you think of it, the school annual yearbook is another victim of school budget. Sure, the only class you'll remember after you graduate is the one which you took through O-Levels, but how about the other three years? They brought you to that class. Why should only the Sec 4 photos be displayed, showcased in the everlasting memory? Is the school budget too small to pay for other class photos? They only have to hire the photographer - we're paying them for the photos. Sure, give feedback, you say, like it's so easy. The thing is, people in this era talk too much, and listen too little. But enough about that.

Looking back over the year, I realise what impact my class has on me, me on my class. This sort of thing is more impacting on me because I'm the Class Chairman; I see everybody everyday. Anyway, one of the major events this year is TNN. TNN brought the class together, no matter how loosely. Even Boey knows about it; not much, but still - he knows. It provided me with an outlet for my creativity and a voice for my reason, as well as entertainment for my friends, a couple of profitable crossovers and regestered franchises. As the class affects TNN, TNN affects the class. It's... kinda hard to explain, but (as Michael Wee undoubtedly knows) there's something special about this class that's hard to explain. I mean, we're not as close-knit as a sweater, but we're not as divided as fractions either. It's a big, complicated rojak of friendships and enemy-ships, love and hatred. But no matter what, we're still a class.

I'm sure gonna miss TNN, even though there'll be something like a sequel next year. The pioneers always seem better in a way, like TNN would be better than TZZ or whatever I come up with next year. My favourite quote in the whole story, the entire 20,000 or more words so far, is not something insightful, something witty, or even something stupid. It encompasses everything 2.12ish for the entire year, and it's not that I like it because my character says it.

"Naphtalians! Now!"

Those two words are just full of meaning. We can work together as a team, as a class, like during OEP. We may have some differences and conflicts, but even Kwong and Boey have a love-hate relationship (figuratively, of course). I haven't talked much about the Malaysian scholars, but if you only knew what type of friendships there are between us now... they're like the seasoning in a stew: everything would be okay without them, but they add the extra flavour.

As Jun Yi puts it, "its so strange to think that i didnt [have] this feeling at end of p6/ even though the separation there is a lot bigger". I think it's the maturation of our minds, the mixture of knowledge and hormones, that places us in this position. And of course, being together two years, both in something-point-12 classes, we know each other inside out.

To all who are not in 3.9 next year, I will miss you. 2005 has been the best year of my entire life so far. And although my behaviour today may not have shown it, I am proud to be your Chairman. Truly.

One final word; two actually. This is something I've been saying to most of the people who have MSNed me and are going to another class. "No matter what class you will be in, no matter what school you go to, you will always be here, a Naphtalian in my heart." I will never forget you.

"Naphtalians! Now!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Old Naphtalians

[Quote of the post] A straight path would be nice and easy to walk, but there wouldn't be much flowers by the side cause people who walked it earlier already picked everything growing beside the path. -[sufen]
[Song of the post] Bowling for Soup - Almost

Bowling for Soup - Almost
I almost got drunk at school at 14
Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen
Who almost went on to be miss texas
But lost to a sl** with much bigger br**stes
I almost dropped out to move to LA
Where I was almost famous for almost a day

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost loved you
I almost wished u would’ve loved me too

I almost held up a grocery store
Where I almost did 5 years and then 7 more
Cuz I almost got popped for a fight with a thug
Cuz he almost made off with a bunch of the drugs
That I almost got hooked on cuz you ran away
And I wish I woulda had the nerve to ask you to stay

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost had you
And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I guess that
I spent my time missing you
I almost wish you would’ve loved me too

Here I go thinking about all the things I could’ve done
I’m gonna need a forklift cuz all the baggage weighs a ton
I know we’ve had our problems I can’t remember one

I almost forgot to say something else
And if I cant fit it in I’ll keep it all to myself
I almost wrote a song about you today
But I tore it all open and I threw it away

And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn’t cut it
Almost had you
And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I guess that
I spent my time missing you
And I almost had you

I almost wish you would’ve loved me too


Like that song.

Anyway, the Naphtalians are splitting up, since the different subjects we chose will take us different paths. For the most part, we're all heading for 3.9 Zepheniah next year, while some will be filtered out to 3.10 Nehemiah. It's sad the class has to split up... two years with the same bunch of people plus a few special extras has made life more meaningful, difficult and enjoyable at the same time. 2.12 Naphtali gave birth to the New Naphtalians, a superhero storywhich I will try to continue through to next year. How I'm gonna do that I don't know. I mean, c'mon. How many adjectives start with a 'Z'?

Today was cool emceeing for SL day. I think I was a bit nervous, and might have done better if it wasn't such a formal event. If it were slightly more relazed I may have been able to tell my jokes more casually. However, Ms Lim was there and her "Sense of Humour" switch was off, and it influenced the rest of the audience, so it got rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy boring after awhile. I swear, during the blackout there were definitely more students who dozed off in the darkness than seemingly possible. Without any visuals, the sound of a droning voice can put a person to sleep in less than five minutes. Argh.

Yeah, and then there was the power failure during the last third of the presentation. So the presentors had no slides and the emcees had no light to read their script. >_< Emceeing with Daniel is quite fun =)

Final event today: A Sec 1 pupil is alledgedly being expelled for making certain comments on his blog about school or teachers or something. Well, as a writer of a parodizing story I'm gonna hold my tongue, or my finger, whatever, but seriously; criticizing your teacher on a blog is both stupid and crazy during this period. The Sedation Law is hanging over the heads of bloggers like a guillotine, and one slight mistake and - WHAMMO! I'm not saying you can't criticize people of higher authority on your blog, but FLAMING and INSULTING people just isn't the way. Maybe it's better to just keep it in; write it in your personal diary or something. If you need an outlet for your anger, that's probably the best.

Okay, until next time. Yay.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Will you remember my name?

[Quote of the post] "I'm Bryan Ong, and this is my - no wait..." -Samuel Chan
[Song of the post] Remember - Ember McLain, Danny Phantom

Well, I can't believe I'm blogging... again... but something has happened that I feel I want to blog about.

Well, it's not so much as it's me, more like it's... me. Okay, stop beating around the bush and get to the point.

Well, I didn't get the PC award, unexpectedly. I dunno what the PC award is supposed to be given out for, but by what Mdm Lena Yeo said (about how my class should vote me for the PC award) I have gotten some premisconceptions (if there even is such a word). So I got my hopes up and everything, kinda like OM World Finals (oh, BTW Ms Loh didn't want her badges so she gave them to us - and I got a cool one I wanted! Yay! And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ms Loh and Mr Quek whose birthday is tomorrow.) when you're expecting to win something but you get a sudden, disappointing blow that hits you in the face like a ton of dead fishsticks.

Yeah, so, well, all my year's niceness didn't pay off... again... which is something I don't really care about. I mean, it's nice to know that you got a shiny certificate to prove that they actually helped, but without it all you are relying on is just your memory and their memory. And memories don't last forever.

Argh... I've got conflicting views about this. I mean, what I feel and what I know I'm supposed to feel are fighting inside me like rabid werewolves in a cage. One one hand, I'm feeling this, but I know I'm not supposed to be feeling this, and I get all... angry with myself, I guess.

Maybe I just need some appreciation. Maybe I'm getting all the appreciation I need; I'm just not noticing it. Maybe this is all good training for Prefect life next year, where you're overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated. *sigh*

I guess my life can be summed up in Bowling for Soup's Almost. I dream great things, try to do great things, but in the end, still end up second best, blocked in the shadow of someone standing in the spotlight.

There's much to talk about, but it's getting late and I've got emceeing tomorrow. So, congrats, Kwong and Louis. =)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Uncle Edna: Curtain Installer

[Quote of the post] ignoramus (n.) someone who doesn't know something you learned yesterday. -The Wit's Dictionary.
[Song of the post] Dragosta Din Tei - O-Zone

What a weekend. And still my internet's HORRIBLY SLOW so I'm like REALLY ANGRY right now. Sigh.

Yesterday, emceeing for Sec 1 M.A.D. Not bad, but we (Gid and I) were darn monotonous because the GEP person from HQ was there. I didn't dare use any of my jokes. >_<

After that Ms. Mazlind treated us to pizza at Pizza Hut. Gid was really funny because he kept complaining about the service. Truthfully, it wasn't very good. There were maggots in the fake plant, they forgot about our second platter and we had to ask four times before they brought us a jug of water. And during that time we (Me, other me, Gid, Boey and Zhang) found out that...

4 teachers are not going to be in school next year. Yes, sadly, it's true, but we've been sworn to give a secret vow never to tell anyone yet. We'll let them break your hearts. We hate being the bearers of bad news.

After that, to Toa Payoh (my old home - I should have left moving till after SL) for Service Learning. The group we were working with didn't seem like some voluntary group at all: they were cheerful and happy and so... not cranky. (Maybe I haven't been working with many voluntary groups in my lifetime.) Well, there was one person there who looks very familiar - either she looks like one of the people on my Australia tour group, or she looks like the actress in that short clip shown on that stupid workshop on Tuesday.

Speaking of which, that workshop was horrible. I'm really really really sorry Louis you had to go on Friday. Alone. Sorry sorry sorry. =(

Oh, and Promotion test on Friday (which is why Louis went alone on Friday). Got all my knots correct (Yay! Hooray for mugging and the Internet! Which coincidentally is slow on my com so boo) so I have a slightly higher change of passing. Whee.

No, back to SL. We were installing curtains for the old folks. Unfortunately, Tucky brought black curtains from his mother's curtain shop and the old folks didn't like them because in their Chinese culture black is the colour of death. Ah well. But at least I installed three curtains. =)

And TUCKY GOT KICKED IN THE A**. No, seriously, one of the Spaces helpers kicked him in the rear when we were leaving. I can't remember what it was for, but he got booted in the booty. (Okay, that sounds wrong.) And they know him by Tucky! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's like, "Tucky? Why Tucky?" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It pays to stay back and help with the last curtain, because you get to see and hear stuff like this. MUHAHAHA!!

Ah well. That's it I guess. Besides the fact that we got our results back and I PASSED CHINESE!!! WOOHOO! I thought I wasn't going to make it because of my summary... *don't want to talk about it* and my compo *not wanting to talk about it either*... but I made it. And I made this hit list out of the people in class I could get marks from, and I'm on six out of ten lists. Hmm...

Oh well. Catch ya later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So much to say... but where do I start... would you listen if I spoke from the heart...

[Quote of the post] Love can sometimes be magic. But sometimes, magic is just... an illusion. -Javan
[Song of the post] Ebay - Weird Al Yankovic

It's been six days since the end of my exams and one begins to wonder why I haven't blogged. Well, a lot has happened within these six days, including my computer being disconnected most of the time and my Internet being !@*&%$#@*.

Exams are over and well, my Chinese is confirmed not good. I just hope I can do Higher Chinese next year, so I can keep with the same class. I don't ever wanna leave this bunch of friends...

I've moved house. Whee. I still can't publicly publish the address (because of those orbital ion cannons and arch enemies and such). Movig is such a tiresome process. You'll never be completely unpacked. Ever. I got my own room now, though. =)

Moving has such implications with my Internet. Now my Internet Explorer isn't working, but for some reason Firefox is. Wonder why.

Post-exam is nothing like I ever wanted it to be. I've still got prefect assignments, MPac assignments, a promotion test coming up, emceeing for three different events, two Prefect camps, emotional problems, psychological problems, etc. I don't have time for anything, especially my TCG.

Short blog, because I have too much to say but no words to say it.

Stay happy, people. Don't become like me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

20 hours left.

[Quote of the post] 98% of all teenagers are bad at math. If you're one of the 5% who are good at it, paste this into your signature.
[Song of the post] Higher Chinese - Parody

Gah. One day of exams left and still I'm feeling very bad. I don't think I'll do very well this year. There's something about the summary that really bugs me. Two to six - I'll never forget that phrase.

I doomed for Chinese. Don't know if I'll make it into Higher Chinese next year. I really hope I will; I wanna keep the same class. Lit today was just under par; Geog was okay, P-Sc was fantastic; so was Life Science.

I'm blogging now since there's just Math tomorrow and I don't have to study much.

There's something wrong with me. I don't feel the same... It's like something's consuming me from the inside. Think Lord of the Flies, Ralph's feelings. Funny I should mention Ralph; there's something in him that I can connect with. I dunno... I think in the Cliffsnotes somewhere it says, "Ralph has given up on humanity; humanity has failed him." That's kind of how I feel at the moment. I dunno why I only make the connection now. I think Lit is messing with my brain. Everytime I was in need, nobody helped me.

Humanity has failed me.

Higher Chinese - Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
Would you know my name
If I’m not in Higher Chinese
Would it be the same
If I’m not in Higher Chinese

I must be strong
And carry on
'cause I know I don't belong in Higher Chinese

Would you be my friend
If I’m not in Higher Chinese
Will you MSN
If I’m not in Higher Chinese

Is that the end
'cause I know I don't belong in Higher Chinese

That test brought me down
That test bent my knees
That test broke my heart
Failed Higher Chinese
Failed Chinese…

Beyond the door
A distant shore
When I know I’ll be no more Higher Chinese

Would you know my name
If I’m not in Higher Chinese
Would it be the same
If I’m not in Higher Chinese

I have to wait
To moderate
It’s just fate I don't belong in Higher Chinese

'Cause I know I don't belong in Higher Chinese

Friday, October 07, 2005

Flash! Bam! Alakazam! There goes my Lit exam...

[Quote of the post] So, no matter how politely one puts it, we owe our existence to the flatulence of blue-green algae. -Diane Ackerman, We Are All a Part of Nature
[Song of the post] Yesterday - Parody

Argh. I feel really bad today. A week of exams has just flown by. Well, not exactly a week, more like two days, but you get the picture. We're looking at the prospect of another week of exams next week. Ugh.

Argh, then today, after Chinese Ting Li (of which I was only absolutely sure of half), Mrs. Yeow announced my name to the entire Sec 2 level to say that I was one of the people who helped stick the stickers on the tables. I FEEL SO GUILTY that I was the only one who stood up and walked up to collect the Oreos she presented as a token of appreciation. I should have brought everyone else with me. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A LIMELIGHT STEALER. Specifically her words were, "...And I know one of them is Kevin from 2.12..." ARGH! I should just have let the other Kevin go up or something. Argh! I should've done something... something else... anything other than what I did... Now I feel terrible... And the only reason she called me was that she knows me from Y2SC... and because of that my other friends didn't get the credit...

I tried to pass around the Oreos later, but when you have an entire Sec 2 level swarming out two tiny double doors, it's not easy to find your friends. See, the thing that sets apart nice people from... them... is that nice people don't plead for you to give them the Oreo, even if you offered them. If you asked for it, but was refused, and let it be, then I thank you, for you are not one of... them. They ask for it and if you refuse they assault you and latch onto you and take advantage of your kindness and make lunges for the packs... I sacrificed my pack for Justin Tan and Ivan. I hope you are happy.

Eek, and after that I could tell that Gid was angry at me for stealing the glory; he didn't want his Oreo and he was all moody and didn't want to talk to me and I had to force it into his pocket. Zhang didn't say anything when he took his Oreo packet. Kev tried to act happy, but deep down, I know he's also annoyed, because the Kevin could have meant him. (Or maybe that's totally not Kevin at all. I can live with that.)

Argh, and now I got three packets and I forgot who helped yesterday and didn't receive one.

Argh, argh, argh.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Portrait of a Friend

[Quote of the post] Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. -Albert Einstein
[Song of the post] Bleh.

Portrait of a Friend

I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts, or fears.
But I can listen to you, and together we will search for answers.

I can't change your past with all it's heartache and pain, nor the future with its untold stories.
But I can be there now when you need me to care.

I can't keep your feet from stumbling.
I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall.

Your joys, triumphs, successes, and happiness are not mine;
Yet I can share in your laughter.

Your decisions in life are not mine to make, nor to judge;
I can only support you, encourage you, and help you when you ask.

I can't prevent you from falling away from friendship, from your values, from me.
I can only pray for you, talk to you and wait for you.

I can't give you boundaries which I have determined for you,
But I can give you the room to change, room to grow, room to be yourself.

I can't keep your heart from breaking and hurting,
But I can cry with you and help you pick up the pieces and put them back in place.

I can't tell you who you are.
I can only love you and be your friend.


[Quote of the post] Give a man a match, and he'll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
[Song of the post] I'm cut off from music right now till exams. Work with me here.

7 things that scare me:

1. Insects.
2. Nasty surprises.
3. Donation cards.
4. Being alone.
5. Loss of imagination.
6. Rejection.
7. Fear.

7 things that I like the most:

1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Creating TCGs.
4. Being with my friends.
5. TNN.
6. Thinking.
7. Imagining.

7 important things in my room:

1. Prototype TCG cards
2. Soft, comfy bed.
3. The floor. If it wasn't there, there'd be nothing to step on, ya?
4. Books. Lots of 'em.
5. My computer.
6. My homework.
7. Random memorabilia.

7 random facts about me:

1. I am the owner of three and a half self-manufactured CCGs, of which the gameplay may be ripped off but the characters/units are personal.
2. My humour is mostly pun-based word play.
3. I don't have a best friend, but I do have many close ones.
4. You're reading my blog right now.
5. I like quotes. They really speak to me.
6. My computer has 1GB of RAM. This will probably be outdated in three year's time.
7. I have an alter-ego called the PUNisher. He appears regularly in TNN.

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Draw better than I do now.
2. Create a TCG.
3. Take TNN to the next level.
4. A class reunion in 20 years time.
5. Make more friends.
6. Make my impact on the world.
7. Live life.

7 things I can do:

1. Breathe.
2. This meme.
3. Make people laugh.
4. Pun.
5. Imagine.
6. Dream.
7. Socialize.

7 things I can't do:

1. Murder.
2. Draw.
3. Chinese exams.
4. Get along with Justin Tan
5. Stay happy.
6. Publish TNN
7. Save the world.

7 things I say the most:

1. Hurry up!
2. Keep quiet!
3. Help me return the key?
4. Hi
5. What...?
6. TNN
7. Puns.

7 celebrity crushes:

Dream on, dream on...

7 people who could do this: has been changed to...
7 people who have already done this:
1. Packrat
2. Demel
3. Jun Yi
4. zQ
5. Uh... Me?
6. Um... Random blogger...?
7. Another random blogger...?

Met Mdm Yeo at Bukit Timan Hawker Centre four hours ago. I almost didn't recognise her without her glasses. One just doesn't expect to see one's Geography teacher on a Saturday night. I didn't talk to her much because I was quite stunned. >_< Also she was with her husband, I think, so I didn't want to interrupt them... they were leaving anyway, so... yeah.