Thursday, April 24, 2008


I drew this during ToK today. Mr Alvin Tan was talking about maps, and I just had a suden urge to draw a map. Then after the whole lecture, I decided to add more stuff to it. It turned out pretty funky.

Hmm, otah sales today weren't as high as expected. We should have beaten the lunch crowd. As such, I got home at 7+ today, something I haven't done since NPCC. But of course, this beats UYOs anyday.

Just one more thing. I saw this awesome advertisement on the bus today; it was about Heaven and Earth green tea. It's tagline was: Be Clear. It showed a lady with dark hair sipping a bottle of H&E and becoming vaguely enlightened. Then she picks up a newspaper which blared the headline: "Mystery Hero Saves the Day", with a picture at the bottom. And in the background, is a news journalist at his desk, with thick glasses on and a square chin, looking remarkably like the photograph. Ingenious XD

Oh well.
The Edna Man

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Missing You...

I miss OM. T_T

It's been a week since national finals, and these past seven days have been like a story out of someone else's book. I keep feeling that I have to go somewhere at the end of Tuesdays and Fridays. I figured out that I couldn't decide what to eat for Friday's lunch because the past weeks I had been having heavy brunches during recess in preparation of the lack of time after White Space (they always take up too much time, don't they).

I kinda miss being weird. With OM I could do all my crazy stuff and it wouldn't be strange or shunned by others. It was normal. And I miss the people there. Life now feels so... empty. T_T

Ah well. Since I started doing announcements in the morning, my principal knows my name. Oh crubs.

The Edna Man

Saturday, April 12, 2008


OM is over T_T Back to the toil and trudge of work, seriousness, and conformity.

BUT BEFORE WE GO I'd just like to say one thing.


Each of the five MGS teams were all in the Top 4 for each division in each problem category. Two of them got tops for spontaneous, netting more trophies. Awesome! Today was a complete and total blast, and if I could I'd live it all over again.

Wheee, I'm so happy XD

I'm gonna miss all of the girls; coaching them this past three, four weeks was really fun, and I know all (at least most of them) by name and everything. It's sad that I might never see them again. T_T

Ah, well. To fifty-six trophies!
The Edna Man

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Funny Quotes; Hilarious Quotes; Witty Quotes

Quote of the Day 1: "Footprints were what was left behind by Hansel and... his sister, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me."

Quote of the Day 2: "Can you imagine, just walking along when suddenly you fall into this flaming wet pool of wetness?"

Quote of the Day 3: "It could mean leaving behind a Deutchmark. It could mean leaving behind a boy called Mark. It could be someone who wanted to write, 'Today I left a market' and ran out of in half-way."

The Edna Man

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fool's April

All right! Today was an awesome day! Pulling pranks, playing OM, and generally having lots of fun. Let's go!

K, first off, the national anthem got interrupted by the opening African chant from Circle of Life. Quite interesting, but it would have been better (i.e. less illegal) to put it before the anthem, which can be explained away as the wrong track on the disk. The anthem is too sacred to interrupt.

Oh yeah, "someone" reported today that we're probably not getting funding for our FPS trip to the US, which means it comes up to around 4K each. I found it kinda... irritating? that during her telling us that we're not going to get funding, you could practically feed off the economic-ness of her speech (not that you'd want to, of course). Basically, the whole idea is that we're not getting funded because they only go for "niche markets" and that we were a "one-shot deal" with "high risk and minimal returns". I hate economics.

K, next! Yesterday I made a mock up of a summons and this morning, fined the Buggy in the parade square. XD It was fined for speeding (XD) and not having a liscence plate. In the middle of the day it got blown away by the wind, I think, so I put up another copy.

Also! Professor Dan O. Saur was in school today teaching archaeology. The Physics teacher was waiting outside when he came out of the class, apologising profusely for taking up her time, before hurriedly packing up and leaving. Later, I returned in normal school uniform, saying that I had a stomachache. Bird Hand Bird Bird Bush!

OM! Completely awesome! Played Two-Line Vocabulary and Questions, and it was HILARIOUS! Should I use my gun?

Happy April Fool's Day!
The Edna Man