Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Blogger-versary!

[Quote of the post] It's my hundredth post!
[Song of the post] I dunno, anything suitable...

Well, this is my hundredth blog post. I think I have slightly less than Demel, who started his blog earlier but that's not the point.

It's weird how a blog can change someone's life, huh? I mean, I never liked to keep journals, but now I have one - and it's public, too. It's kinda weird.

As I read through my earlier posts, each and every of the ninety-nine posts before this, I can see my years progress. I remember things from my holidays, something which I could never do even with photographs. If you see my earliest posts, you can see that my writing stlye has changed... even my very person has changed. All through the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I've been somewhat happy, slightly perturbed buy certain incidents but overall, more-or-less cheerful. Now, I'm a cynic and an idealist at the same time, overly-dependent on friends for companionship, convinced that he has seen the darker side of human nature.

Some change, huh?

Somehow, my blog managed to survive the extinction. My blog hasn't died at all, or has been reborn, only inactive for a week or so. It hasn't gone through any major layout or colour changes; it's kept simple and easy for the average reader.

I originally intended to do this on my blog's birthday, but I seem to have missed it a couple of months. And dragging this to the end of the year is a bit drastic. So, here's my 100th post, the centennial entry, the milestone of the hundredth degree, the big one-zero-zero...

I may have come a long way, but my sense of humour's still back there. =P


Sufen said...

Yeah, you sure were a lot more punny when I first talked to you o_o And I just read through November 2004 and started laughing hilariously at the whole LAPINE thing, but that's a different story.

Anyway, that's what I like about blogs, the ability to look back at the past and seeing who one was and comparing it to now, seeing the growth and change and memories. Nice to have, really.

Mike Wee said...

Hahaha indeed there has been progress. My blog currently has 197 entries (whoo beat that!) and just last week I was, in extreme boredom, reading through all my entries, right from the very first. A horribly vast difference, aye.

Congrats on your centennial entry anyway. Your blog has definitely been one of the most insightful to read. x)