Monday, November 14, 2005

I never Metagame I didn't like.

[Quote of the post] Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian. - Shari R. Barr
[Song of the post] X-Men Evolution Theme

[This next section is adapted from the Oracle Twins from American Dragon: Jake Long]

"I know them! One of them sees the good stuff that will happen in the future, and the other only sees the bad!"


The good news is, I've gone for my ear checkup and got medication.

The bad news is, the problem's in my inner ear! So since the doctor has no idea what's wrong because he can't see into my inner ear, he's given me five types of medicine to cure every single possible cause! Yay! And since he can only deduce what's wrong, he's asked me to go back next wekk for another checkup! Oh, and did I mention that if I don't improve I may have to go for 10 to 15 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions at $260 each! Whee!


"I don't get it! You only see the good stuff, so your life should be full of buttercups and sunshine, but you're still so gloomy all the time! And you always see the bad stuff, but you're always so happy? Why?"

"When you see all the happy things, nothing's extraordinary anymore. It takes the surprise out of life."

"Whereas if you only see the terrible things, every bit of good news is like a miracle! Yay!"

[Okay, sorry for the misquoting, but at least I'm free from copyright infringement.]

Yeah, well, O got my checkup today, and yeah, it was terrigible. (Thank you Kwong for teaching me that word. It's so cool!) Yeah, my appointment was at 9:40am, and I waited until 10:40am. So, after a bried check, another long wait before my audio test. Then, "Come back at 1.30 for your results." Sigh... It's only 11.30am... and I didn't bring a book. >_<

So, after two hours of boredom and lunch, went back, waited another half-hour to see him again for ten minutes. Then I got my prescription and went to wait at the pharmacist for twenty minutes. After that they didn't have one of the medicines so we had to travel to another pharmacist and waited another twenty minutes for that one. I once read somewhere that we spend ten years of our life just waiting....

Yeah, about the Metagame thing. The title's from one of the Vs. System articles about the Vs. metagame. The metagame is the gameplay environment, with new cards with new effects affecting the metagame. So, I was thinking, isn't life one big metagame? Coping with different situations and strategies as they appear over time. Life is also constantly changing, shifting its players from one comfort zone to another. Yeah, well, metagame is copyright UpperDeck Entertainment and stuff.

Sorry to anyone out there with a worse disease than me and feels offended. It's just that I'm not used to stuff like this. May you get better with each passing day.

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Sufen said...

Hope your ear gets better soon :)