Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Birthday!

[Quote of the post] I'm 14 and officially old!
[Song of the post] Happy Birthday - Folksong

It's my party... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And everyone else born on the 14th of March. Like Albert Einstein. And Billy Crystal. I'm a Pisces, are you?

I'm so happy it's my birthday... I'm officially fourteen at 11:53 pm tionight. I can't wait!

Too bad I came down with another sickness today. Stupid relapses. Went to the doctor, wasted 45 mins just waiting for him. He said it's all because of the haze. And the upgrading we're having here at my place. It's so unhealthy.

I'm off now... I have MEW tomorrow. Math Enrichment Workshop. And, just for fun, I hope that everything is themed in cats...

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