Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thinking about thinking

[Quote of the post] "Their universe is still very young, and its god is still a child. But it is too soon to judge them; when We return in the Last Days, We will consider what should be saved." -Epilogue, 3001: A Space Odyssey
[Song of the post] If I Lived in TV - Fairly Oddparents

Hohoho... and it's not even Christmas yet.

Well, last night I had an interesting discussion with Demel about thought processes and his perception of certain other people. He doesn't want me to post the conversation here, on the grounds that someone might actually learn something (and I respect that), but I'm still going to discuss some stuff here anyway.

Well, because of a certain incident yesterday, Demel said he questions the stuff going on inside Person A's head. This led to an interesting debate on logic and thought, but here's the stuff I learned:

Thought encompasses all other thought processes and facts, like observation, logic, experience, knowledge, etc. And that in different people, since their observations, logic, experiences, knowledge etc. are all different, so their thought is different too, from person to person.

Also, you can tell a person's character by what they say. Demel typed one line yesterday that proved to be the judgement-breaker. And that's also why Chapter 38 of TNN is my favourite, even though it isn't much of a plot object. It's so stereotypical that people act similarly in similar circimstances and situations; it sure helps writers a lot. XD

Well, I finished 3001 today, and like I said before, Arthur Clarke is a science-fiction genius. Science fiction is (in my opinion) one of the hardest genres to write in, because even your imagination is confined to the limits of physics. Clarke does it tremendously well. I also like his opinion that almost 90% of the human population is insane to a certain extent.

Oh wells. I'm missing Daniel's birthday celebration tomorrow because I have tuition. Gah. So, Happy Birthday Daniel, and I'll pass you your present a.s.a.p. =)

Stay happy!

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