Sunday, March 12, 2006

I hate you... why oh.

[Quote of the post] I am not saying that we should be cynical. Life is dreary and almost insufferable without a bit of naive fantasizing. But as quickly as we learn that we can't jump out of the window and expect to fly like superman just because we have a blanket for a cape, we should learn that happy endings in real life never look like anything we see in the movies. -Mr. Ferdinand Quek, his email signature.
[Song of the post] I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan

Read out the title of this post, then it'll make sense.

NPCC Service Day on Friday was another waste of 2 hours. Why? Let me see...
  1. Nobody's home on a Friday afternoon. They're all at work.
  2. Half the houses have eviction notices on them.
  3. People think we're bothering them.
  4. Of the people who actually answer the door, half don't speak English.
  5. They already know what you're telling them.

What fun. And still NPCC HQ forces people to trample around their school neighbourhood to irritate people on a lazy Friday afternoon. And they make it compulsory. What fun.

I've got NCO camp over the next few days. Luckily I get to miss most of the stuff on my birthday.

I just don't get army logic. It seems to be aiming for order, which brings about efficiency and effectiveness, but most of the time they're wasting time.

Zhang's latest post is vagely angsty. Whee. He seems to be going through the same confusion as me. I don't know; he says that he doesn't blog all his feelings, but as far as I can tell I've got even more confusion than him. Let's put it this way: everywhere areound you you have people telling you not to bottle up your feelings, not to keep it in or you'll explode. Then you go blog about it, and then you have other people telling you that it's a cry for attention. Sigh.

There's a lot more layers to this ogre, but I have to sleep soon and I'm afraid it would be deemed as a cry for attention. So goodnight, and you're welcome to take the fun that I won't be having.

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