Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boing boing boing!

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Booyah! It’s my birthday! Was, anyway. Sorry this is three days late; I’ve been out most of the nights.

Whee! This is my bestest birthday I’ve had as far as I can remember! Big whooping thanks to everyone who gave me presents, thanks to everyone who chipped in for the cake, and thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, in advance, belated or otherwise!

I’ve just been so happy ever since Tuesday; I’ve been bouncing all over the place and thinking happy thoughts… It’s nice to confirm that there are people out there who know and care for and appreciate and love me... ^~^

Boing! I’m gonna blog about the entire day so I can remember it forever and ever! Boing!

K, it started out late at night at 12a.m. in school in room 406 in my sleeping bag when I was half-dead from a full day of NCO Camp. Everybody was sleeping, so I just wished myself and rolled over and slept.

In the middle of the night the NCOs gave their first present – Fire Drill. They hammered a big metal cylinder in the middle of the night and we had to rush down four storeys and stand there shivering in the chill night air… first present of the day! Oh yeah, my rifle got stolen in the middle of the night, but that doesn’t count.

Yay, then wake up in the morning at 4:45a.m. for PT! Running and running around and around the track in more freezing night air and more blister-inducing pull-ups! So many presents! I could die from the sheer amount! Almost did too!

Yeah, and Mr Andrew Wong actually gave me a birthday gift without realizing it. He let me go off for MEW! Yay!


So I fall asleep in the taxi due to lack of sleep the night before because of fire drill and trying to guard my rifle and 5BX. Then I get to Dunman high! And the taxi driver unwittingly gives me a present; he gives me 10 cents off! I know it’s not much, but hey, HAPPY THOUGHTS!

Yay, so when I get to Dunman, Zhang gives me a present! Yay! And Boey gives me one too, and he did it in the exact same way he gave the chocolates to Long, Haha! I don’t really mind lah… it was funny! Kev gave me a present too!

And so MEW went on, and it was really fun! I knew so quite some people there, and the problems were so much more interesting than the previous year’s. Yeah, but it was fun wandering around and checking out all the groups and the puzzles… Daniel was checking out the group members, but never mind. Yeah, and I volunteered to help out in one of the brainteaser activities! The teacher, I think he’s a cross between Mr Joseph Wong and Simon Cowell. Ms Tay says he’s an ex-ACS boy, so it’s no wonder then. And then there was this genius from Raffles I think, he solved most of the questions in like, 20 seconds? He massively pwned the competition; his group scored 120 points while others only scored like 40 or so. The only problem is that he acts a bit weirdly… okay, very weirdly. But that’s the way geniuses are, I guess.

Then before I left for MEW Zhang suddenly grabbed me in the canteen and started steering me towards the back. It was so sudden and so shocking, I was stunned for a moment. Then he steered me around the corner and there’s like a big cake from who-knows-where-it-came-from! It was really nice, with a yellow cat on the top and cream all over! Zhang said a lot of people chipped in for the cake, so thanks a lot guys! And girl. XD

Then, Kuang and Joel had this crazy idea to sing the birthday song out at the top of their voices! So it was like the whole canteen was echoing with the voices of ACS MEW Sec 3 GEP singing… eeps, I was so embarrassed. Yup, but the cake was really nice – pure chocolate! It was shared out among lots of people, including the teachers and some of my other friends. I was so happy and surprised! I was like, bouncy for the rest of the day!

After that I had to go for NPCC Dry Practice Shooting back in school, and had to miss the MEW concurrent sessions. But after that I was released home! Yay!

After that, my parents brought me out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant across the street. The food was nice, but not my personal favourite, but it was okay lah! I still enjoyed it, and after I got home there was MORE CAKE! It looked quite promising with a full coating of chocolate fudge, but inside there were cherry bits. Oh well. It was still really good! There’s still a bit left in the fridge, and I haven’t been eating it since I haven’t really been home the past few days.

K, then I opened all my presents, and they were really cool! There’s like lots of stuff which I really really like! Thanks KW, Zhang, Boey and Mr Quek, because I only opened your card on that day!

That’s it for my birthday; my 周记 is only going to be until here.

MEW Day 2 was a blast! Meeting at the Esplanade in the morning, having lunch at Burger King, getting sunburn at the Merlion… the Math Trail was really fun! There’s a whole bunch of people I know… it’s so fun being a Station Master! You get to help the teams, give them hints, deny them answers, make jokes… it’s so nice to hear other people laugh! KW was being biased towards his group.

Oh, and there’s the Drink Stall Incident with Basil and Joel which is so funny I think it’s gonna be remembered forever and ever, especially by Michael.

K, so Basil, Joel, Kev and I were are the Merlion, and we were dying of thirst because we ran out of water. The drinks at the Merlion itself cost $1.50 a can and it was too expensive so we sent Basil and Joel to go find cheaper drinks somewhere else. (Sarah bought drinks for her entire team. O_o)

Yeah, so anyway, when they came back, they said they went to some far away place… I can’t remember the exact name, something that starts with a C and has something to do with ocean… Clifford Pier, if I’m not wrong (and I probably am). So they bought their drinks and were leaving when the shopkeeper asked them something.

Shopkeeper: Are you friends?

Basil and Joel: Umm… yeah…

Shopkeeper: Are you boyfriends?

B&J: Umm… no…

Shopkeeper: You know what boyfriends means, right? *wink wink*


Scary, but hilarious.

Then after we explained the questions we went to Boey’s house for his birthday party two weeks in advance. His actual day is March 30th, but he says that his function room is booked on that day already so he’s bringing it forward. XD Yay, more fun, more laughs, MORE CAKE! And more Pokemon cards; Kev brought his and Russell learnt how to play and it was all so fun!

And today FPS was also really fun! I kept coming up with weird solutions and Daniel kept slamming his head on the table… And Mr Azmi is very interesting! When we went for lunch, he started talking about a whole bunch of random stuff, making puns and weird references… XD He kept saying that everyone had a girlfriend and stuff and basically made us laugh so much! Haha!

It’s been a great three days and HAPPY THOUGHTS so I should be like this for a while more, so…


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