Friday, August 26, 2005

It... is just... a GAME.

[Quote of the post] Take it that this is combined with the previous post, okay?
[Song of the post] This too.

Sorry. This is a double-post. This only appears the next day because I wanted to type this but I already posted today. (Sorry about the angst emanating from the previous one.)

Basically something happened today that started me thinking, posting parodies of angsty songs, and started other people blogging about this as well.

Today was the last few preliminaries of the Geography mapwork competition. Simply put, each group is supposed to create a group of 10 geographical questions and the winner is the who can answer the most questions on somebody else's powerpoint.

Well, maybe the instructions weren't clear, maybe they just wanted to sabotage other groups, maybe they just got carried away. In any case, some questions were definitely not geographical. The questions were supposed to be geographical, but they couldn't merely include geography inside. It doesn't count.

For example (sorry, this was the best I could think of), asking you to find out the amount of potential energy you have atop Bt. Timah Hill does require you to know the height of Bt. Timah, but calculating potential energy isn't something you can do in 10 seconds.

Anyway, a certain someone was arguing that some questions he had to answer today were void as they were not geographical. Well, the above example was one of his group's questions. Just goes to show.

I'm not insulting anyone here. The point I'm trying to make is, please, one or two points is not going to kill you. The prize is probably a packet of sweets or something. If you don't win it, you won't die. Calm down.

In the words of the great and immortal Mdm. Melissa Eu, "This... is just... a GAME." And that's what it is! If we didn't have this game, we wouldn't have any idea what an oblast was (a provinve in Russia, can you beat that) and at least now you know what the capital of Kyrgyzstan is! The points don't matter. What matters is that now you know where the Dombra originates from.

Sorry if I'm offending anyone. I'm just telling it as it is. And sorry if I seem to be becoming cynical, depressed and angsty. Just a question: do you like reading report blogs, philosophical blogs, angsty blogs or happy blogs? Just wanna know.

Well, this is coming a day late. Have fun, everybody, and keep smiling.

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