Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm happy just to see you smile!

[Quote of the post] Two wrongs don't make a right. Three rights make a left. But two Wrights can build you an aeroplane.
[Song of the post] Liberi Fatali - Final Fantasy VIII

ARGH!!! I haven't blogged in weeks! Sorry to all my fans out there! (If I even have any...)

So much has happened in the past week: Demel and zQ have gone to Japan, I'm getting an award tomorrow, National Day is coming up, I've had three tests, and the Avengers set has appeared in the Vs. System. Whee!

A question of Daniel's has triggered the topic of this post. Actually, he raised it on Thursday, but with all the stuff I'm doing, I barely have time to blog. Sorry.

Anyway, Daniel's question is something along the lines of: "Are you happy with your life? Tell me how to be happy! You better tell me now, or I'll kill you." Something like that.

Well, there's me and Kwong telling Daniel how we stay happy and stuff, and along comes Gideon and he says, "Good ." We all know what the censored three-letter word there is, but the less about that, the better.

So, anyway, it gets me thinking. Am I happy with my life? What makes me happy? Is Daniel really that emotially-troubled?

Well, as far as an anti-angst teenager goes, I'm pretty happy with my life. Yay! I got great friends, pressure I can handle, and enough entertaining hobbies to get myself on a high without using drugs. Yup, that's pretty well said and done.

What makes me happy? Well, it's pretty obvious if you know me. Puns, humour, trading card games, time to myself to develop my own trading card games, TNN, etc. But if you're one of those who argue that these only bring material happiness that money can buy, then I have to say that what makes me happy are my friends.

Yes, here we go again, and you'd be expecting me to drone more about my friends and fill the post with quotes and complain why you have been left out of my list. Well, that's not going to happen this time.

I like my friends. I like making them laugh. And when they laugh, I'm happy. So basically, if you're happy, I'm happy. Kapeesh?

Urgh... I want to go on and on, but time prevents me from going further. Good night to all, keep being happy, and have a nice National Day weekend!

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