Friday, August 12, 2005

Existentialist puberty

[Quote of the post] Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. But a moment of laughter is much better pleasure.
[Song of the post] Waltz for the Moon - Final Fantasy VIII

Sorry, addicted to FF8 songs right now. =D

Anyway, Mdm. Yeo today displayed some form of angst so similar to that of a teenager's that cause people to wonder if she is being exposed to too much teenage angst.

Quote Mdm. Yeo (roughly): "I don't feel that my life has any purpose, I feel obsolete..." (something like that)

Amateur psycologists, like myself, have termed this condition Existentialist Puberty, exhibiting both forms of existentialism and forms of teenage angst.

Teachers have a very stressful life, 'tis true, far worse than that of the common student. They are great, wonderful people.

The scary thing is that she wants to read our blogs. This poses a new question: Is this just an excuse to read our blogs? Everybody, one, two, three: Dun dun DUN!!! I don't believe so. Mdm. Yeo's a nice person, and doesn't have to resort to this sort of thing if she wanted to read our blogs.

The problem is not what is on my blog, but what it links to. You notice on the right you'll see a link, longer than most of them, the longest of them all. That is the link that I most fear the teacher will click, because there lies a piece of fiction so powerful, so secret, so... fantastical that no teacher may ever read it. EVER. (That reminds me, the link is now broken, just in case.)

People fear that teachers may read what is on their blog. Then they shouldn't get a blog in the first place. A blog is to voice your feelings, your thoughts, and in the case of Michael Wee, your angst, not just for your friends, but for the world. Hey, anything on the Internet is accessible.

Acording to the Rule of the Internet, you can start from one blog, go around clicking the links to other blogs, and eventually (and I do mean eventually) you'll get back to where you started.


Anonymous said...

Mdm Yeo said THAT?! o_O

Mike Wee

Andrew said...

Hey, Mdm Serilyn Goh was pseudo crying over Michael's 3 year old crayon drawing - "What's wrong with me today..."