Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Conspiracy of the Week

[Quote of the post] Change the world.
[Song of the post] Flight of the Bumble Bee (Jazz) - Unknown Artist

I can't believe it. Alien Planet, once in a lifetime show, with amazing CG effects and animation, incredible imagination and science, and only me, Sidhant and zQ watched it. (zQ doesn't actually count because he was watching Wimbledon at the same time.) Oh well. It just goes to show.

I still have the emotional scars of Friday searing across my mind. I hate UYO.

Oh, that remind me about this post's title. Welcome to another episode of... Conspiracy of the Week!

On CotW, we look at some of the world's secret conspiracies... as uncovered by a Secondary Two teenager!

Today's Conspiracy: UYO on Fridays
Hidden Reason: Less teenagers

Why? you might ask. Well, our special field agent goes behind the scenes to uncover the secret of this mystery...

As you know, the government initiated a five-day work week. In compliance with this act, local school Anglo Chinese School (Independent) shifted UYO from Saturday mornings to Friday afternoons, in even more sweltering heat due to the afternoon sun.

ACS (I) principal claims that this is "to comply with the government's five day work week". However, our field agent's evidence proves otherwise.

According to our incriminating evidence, we at CotW can claim that UYOs are implemented to prevent teenagers to going out on Fridays.

The logis is simple: Before, teenagers used to go out on Friday afternoon till night, then skipping UYO the next day due to "exhausted" reasons. Therefore, the system changes.

Now, Friday afternoons are not free, and as teens have to comply with strict UYO laws, have no time or energy to spend their Friday evenings out on the town.

*kzzt* Hang on... *bzzt* we seem to be experiencing some interference... *gzzt*
Signal lost. Conspiracy of the Week will never show again. Muhahaha. End transmission.

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