Sunday, June 05, 2005

First you got to Colorado... Denver. Because Ver is braver and Boulder... Episode V

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Day 5 - Judgement Day
That morning was a hectic one. We rushed to the holding area early in the morning, to practise and reherse moving in. Unfortunately, we only did it once before it was our turn. Which didn't really matter; I was anxious to get started anyway.

Our coaches went off to get seats in the audience. They appeared very calm, like there wasn't an international competition championship at stake. That's the beauty of teachers. They have the uncanny ability to appear perfectly calm in the most hectic situations.

However, something happened backstage that proved our downfall. The judge backstage said that two of our style items were already being judged somewhere else, and so we needed different style items. We got two different ones, but... (For more information, see later episodes.)

Well, we moved from the holding area to the starting position, and what a sight met our eyes. Our buddy team was there, wearing the Singapore T-shirts we gave them last night, and so were most of the ACS contingent, as well as some RGS girls (this I heard of after the competition).

I lost most of my nervousness at this point. I could tell that Josh, who was standing next to me, was positively rattled, but I was calm as can be. I don't know why, but it's the pre-show I get nervous. I NEVER get stage fright. NEVER.

The performance went off without a hitch (as in, nobody got married >_>). Everything went smoothly. We had the audience laughing so much, that after we finished, they gave us a standing ovation. Wow. Quite rare, that.

After the performance I was on a high for about an hour. I always was like that after performances, jist like the nationals. Only OM has managed to do that for me.

Then, not meaning to boast or anything, but we had people coming up to us on the street, members of our audience; they just kept coming up and telling us how good we were. There was this coach of another ACS team's buddy team, she talked to me for about a quarter of an hour about how good we were, and how she has never seen this sort of energy, etc. Wow again.

We spent the rest of the day watching other ACS teams perform and pin-trading. Never can forget pin-trading.

That night we practised spontaneous with our buddy team. Of course, they spent an hour talking to us about our play, but, as Job always says, that is not the point.

Their coaches got two spontaneous problems ready. (Our coaches were exhausted, so we let them sleep.) One hands-on and a verbal. Our buddy team did the hands-on first while we did the verbal, then we would switch places and watch how the other team did.

Our verbal went pretty well, and I had an interesting answer without meaning to. As in, I had trouble remembering what I was going to say, and was casting around for something to say, when I caught sight of a bear on somebody's shirt. I just said, "A bear can't catch a baldness disease, because... then... it would... be... umm... bear." And I think I got good for that. (The problem, was, by the way, Name an animal and a disease it would be bad to catch. For example, it would be bad for an elephant to catch a head cold.)

For hands-on, we used exactly the same idea our buddy team used. Conicidence? I think not. >_> {Cue the Dah da DAHHHH!}

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