Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First you got to Colorado... Denver. Because Ver is braver and Boulder...

[Quote of the post] You think this is over? There's still next year... {cue thunder and lightning}
[Song of the post] The Beer/Coke/Twinkie Song

We're back from Colorado and let me tell you people, it was really great, and everything was just... PEACHY! It's blogging time!

Day 1 - The Longest Day
Well, it WAS the longest day. We reached the airport at 5am in the morning and only reached our destination at 5pm at night. On the same day. But we spent at least 18 hours in between. No, your maths isn't wrong. We went westwards, so gained a day.

Nothing much happened the first day. I think I watch more movies out of cinemas than in them. On the plane(s), I watched The Incredibles again and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Job was playing with somebody's gameboy and I was watching.

Unfortunate Events was quite interesting, as it turned out. I don't read the books, but it seems quite interesting. Jim Carrey is the best when it comes to jobs like this. Love the work of the make-up artists. The best. (For a full review of the Incredibles, check previous posts.)

I slept most of the flight(s). Flying UA is so boring when you've got no personal TV. Bah. I didn't even write TNN like I said I would.

Colorado is pretty neat. It's cool, hot only in the daytime. I fell asleep on the bus ride to the University... AGAIN!I usually fall asleep on the bus rides in America.

We spent 1 hour guarding the bags outside the University hostels while Ms Loh went to register. Mr Quek went trigger-happy and took dozens of photos of us in various... how should I say... unusual poses. You don't want to see them. Really, you don't want to. Really.

I can't really remember what happened that night. Actually, I don't think much did. We waited and waited, finally realised that we were at the wrong end of the complex, dragged all the luggage half-way across campus, got our free-food wristbands (red) and had dinner in half an hour before the cafeteria closed. Then we all met in my room (a disadvantage of having the biggest room) and was briefed by our coaches, and Mr Quek introduced a fine system. No, as in, he had to fine people, not that the system was fine. Well, actually, it would have been, if it had worked. (Based on a system of trust-payment, obviously nobody admitted to any of the crimes, namely: swearing, shouting and insulting team members.)

I was bunking with Job and Herrick. Not the best combination, I can tell you that. If you recall the OEP post, Herrick says "goodnight" once every five minutes, bounced all over his air-mattress and wakes up at dawn (5am if I'm not mistaken) and then wakes everybody else up.

Job, on the other hand, makes weird noises and goes on complaining about his pin collection (Herrick does this too). Also, he's most usually in the company of the RGS teams in his free time.

But otherwise, the room was nice, the top bunk was nice and the roommates were not too bad. Except for the fact that every time I sat up in bed, my head hit the ceiling or the blasted pipe which somebody (a previous occupant of the room) had written in very neat handwriting: "I love you guys." So the first thing I did when we unpacked the props and stuff was to recycle the bubble wrap and cover the whole HEPP pipe with the stuff. My forehead never hurt again. Not much, anyway.

More coming soon!

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