Friday, June 03, 2005

First you got to Colorado... Denver. Because Ver is braver and Boulder... Episode II

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Day 2 - The Day of Reckoning
What happened on the second day? Ah, I'm... losing words... (-Premir Romanov, Red Alert 2)

Herrick woke us up at about 5 am that day. Which meant that instead of the targeted half an hour I planned for getting ready for breakfast, I now had one and a half hours to get ready for breakfast. Naturally I was done in one-third of that time, so we - that is to say, Herrick, Job and I - went for a walk.

The walk was nothing much. Just around the block and back, into the field, blowing dandelions and commenting on the grass which was so different from Singapore grass. The ground was so cold you'd swear it was wet when you lay down on it, but when you touched the back of your shirt it was dry. I think Mr Quek and Josh tried to jog all the way to where we were supposed to perform, but only managed half the distance.

After breakfast we went to rackey our performing stage - thus, the day of reckoning. We spent about fifteen minutes at on stage thinking that it would be ours when we realised it was just the stage in the holding room. Our real stage had no boundaries, so no 80 POINT PENALTY! (Sorry, just had to do that. It's the penalty you get if you or some prop falls off the stage.)

But this posed a new problem. The main element of our play meant that we had to change behind our backdrop but there was not enough space if we hanted enough acting space onstage. The judges were so close you could reach out and smack them on the cheek, but that was not a wise idea to do to someone who held the decision of life or death over your puny actor's/actress's shoulders.

We followed the other teams to their acting stages because we had to stay in a group. That's the main element in OM - teamwork. It was cool traversing all over the university campus and trading pins (more of which I will talk of at the end of the whole thing).

After lunch, I can't remember what we did. I told you, I can't remember mst of what happened on this day at all. It's like aliens abducted me and erased my memory of that day because I had spotted their spaceship or something. Or maybe it was the MIB. I fear that I may never remember what happened furing that space in time. Sigh.

I think on the second night was the opening ceremony. That was a whole lot of fun, with great music, officials throwing T-shirts into the crowd and pin-trading. (Pin-trading is one of the basic FUNdamentals in OM, so it'll come up a lot.) Unfortunately, the speakers were not humourous as I expected them to be (it isa creative competition, after all) but otherwise it went smoothly. It's quite fun to see halk a thousand teenagers do the YMCA dance deliriously while participating in it as well.

We had to walk the way home. It's fun to walk back to your dorm which is a hundred miles away in the dark while people are whizzing by on the shuttle bus sleeping or settling down comfortably. Still, it beats waiting for the bus.

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