Saturday, June 04, 2005

First you got to Colorado... Denver. Because Ver is braver and Boulder... Episode IV

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Day 4 - The Buddy Team's Performance
Today was SMASHING! (Oh, I fired that stupid Private Eye. Didn't like his style of writing.) Our buddy team's performance was totally our of this world! Actually it was on this world, in Colorado, so let me tell you about it.

They did In Your Dreams, and let me tell you, first, that the judges had a weird way of saying they were ready. See, the Head judge would ask if the judges were ready, then ask if the team was ready. So the judges would say, "Dream on!" which was really weird. For our problem, it was, "Leave a message after the beep. BEEP." and for the Div III Get the Message it was "Where's the monster?" Then the head judge would say, "Guys, this isn't In your Dreams... didn't you guys get the message?" >_>

Well, our buddy team's performance was themed around racism. And the monster fed on fear, and stuff. But however, they adopted an a la Stomp type of performance, and didn't say a word. I mean, that REALLY got their message across. It was unique, it was original, it was creative, it was exactly what (I think) the OM judges wanted. (P.S. To any buddy team members or coaches who chanced upon this blog: that's exactly what I told you guys, and that's exactly the truth, so you're not getting another word out of me, coppers! =))

Basically after that we went back to our dorm to finish up the props. We finished at about 8pm in the evening. Our buddy team coach then very helpfully offered to drop our props off at the centre in his rented SUVs. Such nice folks, now, you've gotta learn to be like them. HEAR THAT, ALL YOU SINGAPOREANS?

We slept late that night, even though we had to wake up early the next day. We did last minute backdrop construction, light attachment, TV frame fixing, etc. I think I didn't bathe that night; I was too tired when I got back.

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