Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I hate today.

[Quote of the post] Today -CENSORED-.
[Song of the post] A Whole New School - Me.

Today really -CENSORED-. School was okay-ish, but for music I couldn't really sing well because of my sickness. Good thing we're only performing next week.

OM today was -CENSORED-. My costume was horrible, and I didn't know much of the new amendments. However, that wasn't the bad part.

We had to stay until 6:30 pm. I was supposed to go off at five-thirty. I left at 6:30, caught a taxi, got stuck in a jam for on hour, owed the taxi-driver $15.90 when I only had twelve. He was -CENSORED- -CENSORED-, I tell you.

Argh, today just makes me want to say -CENSORED- and -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED-. If all the HEPP -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED- were -CENSORED- -CENSORED- I could -CENSORED- -CENSORED- my -CENSORED-. Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Until next time.

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