Saturday, April 16, 2005

We lost. We lost OM.

[Quote of the post] You better not be suicidal, or I'll kill you.
[Song of the post] We Are the Champions - Queens

Oh man. OM today was in shambles. Yesterday's spontaneous as well.

For spontaneous, we got a hands-on problem, which everybody knows is the most difficult of them all. We forgot to clarify whether we could use the stuff we had on our bodies, and Josh took off his pants. And our whole structure collasped at the last moment.

Today, I forgot half my lines, our set fell over, the judges were all stiff and unmoving, Demel tripped over the wire, and Josh's hat fell off.

And you know what the worst part is?

You actually believed that story.


Haha! You actually fell for it! My thoughts are now like, whirling around in my head and I can't seem to organise.

Well, our spontaneous was really quite OK. Our problem was to come up with a silly holiday and how people celebrate it.

Hey everybody, it's Sunday! Let's celebrate by eating 10 tonnes of ice-cream!
Our coach and seniors didn't get this at first. Too slow.

Gid (Verbal King):
Today's Bhangra day, where you screw a lightbulb with one hand and pat a dog with the other.
He think's the judges didn't get it.

I thought some others yesterady as well, but that was after the competition.

Today is D-Day, w-where e-everyone s-speaks l-like t-this.
Today is Pinball Day, where everyone goes around bouncing off random objects and going, "TILT!"
It's the Ides of March. Grab a dagger, stab a plate of Caesar Salad and go, "Et tu, Brute?"

Acting today was REALLY FUN! Nobody made any mistakes, and when we finished, the judges said that after they had watched us, there was no more competition. We were REALLY GOOD! I'm ECSTATIC!

We won GOLD and we're going to the United States of America to compete in the WORLD FINALS. And we're going to win there, too.

The only thing I found funny was: our play. No, seriously, before our act, I had nerves - I mean, doesn't everybody? But it was during the prize presentation that I really had MEGA-NERVOUSNESS. I mean, everyone was very confident we'd win, so what if we don't? But we won anyway, so WHO CARES?

We're going to the USA!
And I really like today's quote.
And I still can't believe you fell for that.

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