Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm sick.

[Quote of the post] "You have UYO tomorrow?! That's terrigible!" -Kevin Wong
[Song of the post] Welcome to my Life - Parody

No, I'm not physically sick. It's something else. The school bus rides are now so bumpy and so crammed with people it's tighter than fish in a sardine can, and I can't sleep anymore. This brings rise to some interesting philosophical realizations, usually in my head.

Daniel asked me yesterday, "Do you think life's a stage?" I say no. I believe the choices we make have an effect on the world, even though some of these choices may only seem to have insignificant outcomes. I mean, if our life was already planned out by some higher power, or if we are just pawns in some Game of the Galaxy, wouldn't that be a bit boring?

I am an idealist. At least, I think I am an idealist. That's why I'm sick now.

I'm sick of UYO every Friday. I'm sick of the fact that I have UYO tomorrow until six and exams in two weeks. I'm sick of having people liking me for my humour, and not for who I am. I'm sick of people taking advantage of me and my kindness. I'm sick of people attacking me for no good reason. I'm sick of the injustice in the world. I'm sick of the fact that we are all limited by certain conventions of society. I'm sick of the fact that even I can't control myself. I'm sick of the fact that I lie to myself. I'm sick of being unappreciated. I'm sick of the fact that I cannot work with other people in a gropu for a change. I'm sick of being angsty. I'm sick of being sick.

I have UYO tomorrow. Two weeks to exams, and I have UYO tomorrow. As Kevin Wong says, that's terrigible. Spending three-and-a-half hours tying knots and pitching tents for a promotion test is going overboard. Do policemen marchin real life? No. Do they tie knots in real life? No. Do they pitch tents in real life? No.

That's why I write TNN. In TNN, everything goes smoothly. Nothing can go wrong. Even if the odds are stacked against you, you'll pull through. You can actually do something, instead of sitting around and tying knots when you could be studying for an exam. Action >>> Reaction, not compliance. The superhero's guise is a mask he can use to fight injustice.

You say the world's not fair. Then what's the use of having this world? Where's the justice? Are superheroes just characters in a two-dimensional world whose ideals and justifications do not apply to our real world?

As a happier side note, there was Engligh Orals today. Here's a number of things not to do during your examinations:
  1. Say that your religion bans you from reading this text.
  2. Memorize a section of a famous Shakespearean text. Recite this instead of your reading.
  3. Check the time before you enter. Start with, "Welcome to the <
  4. Roll your paper into a cigarette.
  5. Fold it into a paper aeroplane.
  6. Try bribing the teacher.
  7. Adopt a Chinese-educated accent.
  8. Tell the teacher in English that you cannot speak English.
  9. Make a list of words before you enter the room. Force yourself to use these words in your conversation.
  10. Sneeze onto the paper during picture description. Ignore it until you get to that area, then say, "On the left there is a big blob of mucus..."
  11. During conversation, drive your point home with lots of table-slamming and finger-pointing.
  12. When the teacher asks you a question, crack-up. Do this for about half a minute every time she asks you something.
  13. Grab his/her hand and say that palm-reading is a component in the exam.
  14. Compliment him/her. Say things like, "Hey, gorgeous!" or "Hey, handsome!"

Kudos to Gid for coming up with most of them.

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