Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm sick. Again.

[Quote of the post] "No more Bhangra - there's been a lot of Dengue fever lately..." -Dhanesh
[Song of the post] When you Wish Upon a Star - NSYNC

Well, I've been sick again. Third time this year, or so my mom says. This means more of my paranoid brother, less of school, more lying in bed all day with nothing to do...

And especially since Prefect Camp a couple of days ago nicely tenderized my biceps and calf muscles, the raging fever I got two nights ago aggravated the muscles-under-construction, and now I can barely walk, I can't raise my arm over my head, my parents fear I've got Dengue fever, and, oh, did I mention? I've got some ear infection, so my left ear's pretty moot.

I hate being sick.

What with all this Dengue fever and all. Funny it became such a major outbreak like SARS in a matter of days. It's unbelieveable. Now insect repellant prices are dropping, mosquito-killing-fog is rising, and I'm still sick stuck at home.

I can't be bothered to write so much now. My ear is, well, not working and I'm very troubled about it. Well. Cya.

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