Sunday, May 15, 2005

So much has been happening, so little time...

[Quote of the post] WHOOPEE! IT'S OVER!
[Song of the post] The Night Santa Went Crazy - Weird Al

Sorry I couldn't blog on Friday the 13th - Blogger wasn't working. Too coincidental. Friday and Saturday I had OM, so I only came back at 11 and couldn't blog.

Well, OM's moving at a faster pace now, since we have 4 days before we leave for Colorado. I'm hoping that Mr. Quek gets a brainwave for the Membership sigh tomorrow because I really have no idea. We have to perform in front of all the teachers tomorrow, by the way. Scary. >.>

I got new brown shows for OM. They're really cool! They have orange soles. Sweet!

There was a forum problem today. To put it simply: Demel mutinied, Mike got angry, deleted Demel, Demel got angry, deleted Mike, made new forum with Andrew. Stupid, ain't it?

*Sigh* I don't feel like writing this time of night and with all the happenings today. Will blag after I return from Colorado in 2 weeks time.

Oh, TCG fans, go to this website called Spycraft. It's some CCG that Singapore got featured in. I'm not done reading it, but the art's superb, and the gameplay (as far as I can tell) looks great. Go! Go! Go!

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