Saturday, May 07, 2005

Getting a bit testy...

[Quote of the post] ARGH! I'M GONNA FAIL!!!
[Song of the post] That's Your Horoscope for Today - Weird Al

Well, it's almost exams, and I can't believe I'm blogging. Oh well, it's just a couple of lists.

Signs that you've done one too many 长文缩短:

  1. You read your 理解问答 until the 130th word, then after that, for every ten words you start minusing marks.
  2. Your speech comprises of not more than 130 words, and is very concise and to the point.
  3. You start missing articles such as 'the' and 'a'.
  4. You start cancelling out words in the instructions.
  5. Your 作文 stops at 130 words.

Bad excuses for cheating in your exam:

  1. The guy next to me was doing it as well!
  2. Cheating? I wasn't cheating. Looking at someone elses paper isn't cheating. It's copying.
  3. Yeah, I was cheating, yeah. Oh look, there's a flying pig! And George Bush is parachuting into that warehouse wearing a pink tutu...
  4. So what? You got a problem with that?
  5. But sir, you were looking at my paper too...
  7. The only thing I copied was his name.
  8. I'm not insured against failing tests.
  9. Why? You trying to cheat for your paper as well? Well, go copy someone else!
  10. There wasn't a handy photocopier nearby.

You've been studying too hard for your physical science exam when:

  1. You know every atomic number for every element.
  2. You have the word 'Proton' on the back of your shirt because you want to keep a positive attitude.
  3. You love the letters PSC even if you were in the Public Speaking Competition.
  4. You dream about trucks with corrosive liquid crashing into bridges and spilling its contents into rivers.
  5. You find alkalis to be a very basic topic.
  6. Instead for solving in maths, you dissolve.
  7. You have to alkali down after studying.
  8. You can verify the pH level of anything just by touch.
  9. You must have balance in your life.
  10. You don't use the word OK anymore because you know the real chemical formula is K2O.

Signs that you been studying way too much:

  1. You haven't slept in three days.
  2. You have the notes engraved in your mind.
  3. When somebody asks you a simple question, you reply with a essay.
  4. When somebody asks you a question, you first ask how many marks it is.
  5. There are few books you haven't read.
  6. Fun? What is 'Fun'? I have vague memories...
  7. Your eyes are constantly moving back and forth even though there isn't a page of notes under your nose.
  8. Almost every room in your house is a "study".
  9. You wish you could be a book - revised edition.
  10. You can quote from the dictionary.
  11. When someone asks you for the time, you reply, "1819!"
  12. You still have dinner from three days ago lying on your table.
  13. You recite facts everywhere you go.
  14. You know the first 314 Pythagorean Triples.
  15. You cringe whenever somebody says the word "wrong".

That'll have to do for now. Good luck for your exams.

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