Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getting a bit Testy... 2

[Quote of the post] ARGH! I'M STILL GONNA FAIL!
[Song of the post] Eat it - Weird Al Yankovic

More lists... tomorrow is Lit and math... Thinking subject and BSing subject so not much revision...

Signs that you're obsessed with your Literature Text:
  1. You have dreams of talking pig's heads stuck to sticks.
  2. You start using all the British slang.
  3. You create a 'Which LOTF Character are YOU most like?' Quiz.
  4. You distrust all people with the name Ralph.
  5. You start calling people by two names joined with an 'n', like Samneric, or Kevinnkevin.
  6. You light a fire in your bedroom, saying it's for rescue.
  7. You don't speak unless you have a conch in your hands.
  8. You have a tribal war dance.
  9. Instead of reading this list, you're reading your Literature text.

I can't think of anything more. See you tomorrow.

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