Wednesday, June 18, 2014

40 Days of Summer (in Japan) - Part Nijuuichi

I decided to have a taste of McDonald's today. Yes, I know what you're thinking: "But Kevin, you're all the way in Japan, why are you eating generic fast food that you can you can get anywhere in the world? Also, you're incredibly funny and good-looking, will you please marry me and have my children?"

Well, to answer your unasked questions: firstly, McDonald's may have generic mass-produced factory-line fast food, but they also customize themselves to whichever country they set up shop in, which is why you can't order a McPork in Singapore (because it's not Halal); and secondly, awww thanks, please take a number and wait at the back of the line.

So I show up to the Macs near Waseda and look for a McPork; too bad everything is in katakana, which I can barely read. Brandon was there too; when I mentioned I wanted to try something that I can't get anywhere else, he pointed to Item 7 and said that he thought that one was the Teriyaki Burger. I couldn't really tell (try identifying teriyaki sauce dripping out of a picture of a burger next time huh?), so when I got to the counter, I asked if the girl spoke English (nope), then pointed at Item 7 and said in a questioning tone of voice: "Teriyaki?" She said yes; with that done, I had to convey that I wanted a meal. She said "Hai!" And brought out a carton of milk. I was utterly confused. Did she think I changed my Coke to a milk?

So of course, I had to go back and try to explain to the girl that I wanted a set meal (setto miru), and when she didn't understand the manager came out to try and solve my problem, obviously because I was holding up the line. I got my set meal in the end, a very hard-fought battle which I think I paid less than what I needed to, because of the confusion.

That's why they call it a Happy Meal.

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