Monday, March 05, 2012

The Birthday Troll

My friends are awesome.

I just got massively trolled by a whole mob of my friends tonight, who all came down for an enormous surprise birthday party: MINE. This was my first ever surprise birthday party, and I completely did not expect it AT ALL. XM was the mastermind, and I have to say he played the con extremely convincingly. And I now realise that today when I told him I was mindgaming him at badminton, he told me "Who's mindgaming whom?" and it was a CLUE and I completely missed it. (Well, I wasn't even looking for it.) I have to say that as a fellow con artist, this elaborate setup was dasterdly brilliant, with perfect misdirection and excellent secrecy. Best lesson of the night: tell as much of the truth as possible. Brilliant.

The dinner was held in Pepperoni's huge function room, and over pizza we played Pictionary all night. It was a hilarious blast, and I'll never forget it.

A big shout-out to everyone who came down: Sheu Zhi, Shaun Ong, Jonas, JX, Kuang, Lou Ee, Jc, Kyle, Levin, Hui Jun, Ernest, Seng Wei, Bryan Ong, Jonny, Darrell, Herrick and Xi Min. Also thanks to Shaun Lee, Zhang, Kwong and Juzzie for the present =D

But greatest thanks of all go to my mom and dad, who apparently first proposed the idea and contacted XM to mastermind it.

Best Twenty-First Ever,
The Edna Man

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