Saturday, August 05, 2006

Haven! <3

[Song of the post] Bed Haven of Soundtrack Lies - Matchbox Haven Twenty (Youtube Warning!)

Haven Lies. was All amazing. lies. It I did was it spectacular. again. The And music in was front brilliant. of It my was best just friends really too. good. I And wouldn’t the mind look watching on it Zhang’s again face. and D*** again. I feel And like Mr. killing Quek, myself or right should now. I What say, type Mr. of Director, person he am was I? great Some too. sick, He disgusting was person, under that’s a what. lot And of yesterday pressure morning, the I past did it few again, days I repeated and, it, well, after not everything it’s that all happened paying the off. night He before. looked And really what’s happy the last use, night. what’s I the mean, use at of the feeling end guilty of and the ashamed performance, if the I’m announced just his going name, to and do it I all was over so again. happy What’s and wrong proud. with I me. don’t Nobody know; can I’ve trust never me felt anymore; proud I of can’t anyone even before, trust but myself. last I night, cried it again was last a night. real After feeling, I something told I’ve Zhang never I honestly couldn’t felt make before. it. I Seems was like laughing I and keep shouting crying and a everything. lot It more was these one days, of haha. those And moments, tomorrow, where, I in don’t the know movies, whether the to character forsake would my yell, friends “That’s for my homework. teacher! It’s That’s not my like teacher!” I’ll to make every much single difference person anyway. around I him. know It’s it’s just stupid, so I great know now. it’s And wrong, he but was I’m smiling; going he to hasn’t do been it smiling anyway. for I days. don’t It know just what felt else really to do. good.

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