Monday, August 21, 2006

Different yet Exactly the Same

[Quote of the post] "You know Beyond Borders? It's Kinokuniya." --Jarrel Seah
[Song of the post] Hard for me to say Sorry - Chicago

Everybody's different. You've probably heard that a thousand times before, from Disney, from your teacher, from your parents. Everybody's different, with each of their own specialties, distintive qualities, uniqueness. Not even identical twins are totally congruent. People just... do different things. Life is unfair; some people get more than others.

So why does the world expect otherwise? Why can't you do this; he can! What is the reason for expecting everyone to perform the same task, do the same thing, act the same way? Sometimes it's out of their capabilities; there's nothing you can do about that. If he can do it, so can you! No I can't. I'm not like him. I'm different.

So why do some people want to be like other people? Does it have anything to do with democracy? Where the majority is always "right"? Does it have anything to do with the fact that if you're different, you're the minority, you're "wrong"? That could explain it.

So why do people like comparing? Why confuse yourself with the shades of grey, when there are only two distinct sides? You're good, but not good enough. Can't anybody just be good? Must they be better? Why can't a movie just be great, why must it be better than something else? Why can't this food just be good, why must you say it's not as good as the one I ate before. Can't you just be on one end of the river? It's hard enough without people judging how close you are to the bank.

Same difference.

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