Friday, October 18, 2013

The Beast

Down the deepest, darkest depths, therein lies the beast.
It gnashes and wails, thrashes and rails, within its twisted cage.
The tamer keeps it locked up tight, and never lets it feast;
Its hunger is enormous; and its anger, all the rage.
He hides it in the shadows, forced far to the back,
Lest the vicious monster takes its cruel shape.
And what the audience sees is just the tamer's act:
A joke clowning around, masking the fear of escape.
The beast, prowling, plotting, with murderous intent,
Brooding, biding, waiting, with a sin-gleminded purpose:
Revenge upon its jailor, eternal pain and torment;
And become the ringmaster of this mad and crazy circus.
The tamer keeps on mocking, waiting for a saviour,
But the beast, it came a-knocking, and caused his disguise to waver.

Analyse this.
The Edna Man

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