Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I have a problem with choice.

I consider myself to be very pro-choice. I encourage people, situations, policies, to make sure that people have a choice, and are not pigeonholed into a false dichotomy or into "no other choice" situations. There's is always a choice. There is always a way out.

But then there comes the dilemma where the choices are equal and intrinsically not worth more than the other. And then it gets quantum. Because in making a choice, all other choices will not be made. Sure, that's okay the fifty percent of the time the cat comes out alive. But what if you made a choice, and eleven other universes never would have existed.

It's a scary thought, when each choice you make destroys worlds that might have been but now never will be.

Because you took the path less traveled by, the other one was never really there.
The Edna Man

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