Friday, December 01, 2006


[Quote of the post] Not music. Magic.
[Song of the post] All of them.

I just came back from the ACS Lights Camera Action: Celebrating 40 Years of Music Making concert. And once again, I felt kinda alone there. I guess I was hearing more than just the music.

This is obviously so cliche, but music isn't just about noise or performers or good sounds. It induces a feeling; something in people that causes emotion. That's what they all say. That's why good music can move people. That's why movies have musical themes.

But music is more than that. Music is also a story; a very melodious one. Classical music is the best example of this; instrumentals usually have more of a story than ones with lyrics. And it's so amazing; when I close my eyes during the Jurassic Park Theme, I can see the dinosaurs; during the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, I can see the ships, the pirates, Jack Sparrow...

And then just sitting in the centre of the parents who are just there to hear their son or daughter play, or the friends who came just for support... I had the feeling that nobody was really appreciating the music. In the end there was no shout of 'encore'.

So now I'm home, alone again, feeling just like I just came out of a lecture about British comedy, trying to find a song that can fix my empty heart. Sounds so poetic, but that's all I can feel right now.

Kinda ironic that I watched Happy Feet just this morning. Movies have this way of telling you that different is good. But different is just lonely in this real world. The songs are great though. And I'm tapdancing everywhere I go now.

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