Friday, December 15, 2006

Dream Sequence #001

[Song of the post] When a Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge

I just woke up, and I had this amazing dream that I don't want to forget.

Okay, I was late for school (for some reason I can't remember). I dunno why but the assembly place was smaller, made of older wood, and had a piano in front. (The location keeps changing through the dream.)

Then, while I was sneaking through the back (don't know why too), the National Anthem started. So I dropped my bag (and for some reason put my fist on my chest o_O) and started singing... but after the first verse it became a hip-hop tune! So there was this funky music and I remember Shaun was there although I can't remember why o_O And then Boey and Zhang were dancing SWING O_O HAHAHAHA It was so cool. And Tucky was there! He was playing a trumpet at unimaginable speeds. O_o

Then the song ended. So I dumped my bag with Shuan (who was sitting in front) and was about to sneak around to the back of the class, using a path that took me outside the auditorium. Then SUDDENLY Mr. Quek starts singing When a Man Loves A Woman...! O_O So I rush back to the front and plonk myself down; he was singing it was cool Elvis style - I turned around to ask Michael to play the song on the piano behind my teacher and find out that his head was totally shaved. O_O Then for some reason Bryan Ong goes up and starts one-fingering the melody. Then a whole bunch of people rush and start messing with the piano. Mr Quek turns around to scold them, and the dream ended. T_T

Dang, that was a cool dream.

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