Wednesday, October 04, 2006


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AskEdna! Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you have notes for this subject'?"

While the AskEdna database is vast and equipped to answer many of your questions, I'm afraid downloading of specific files is disallowed under our strict copyright policy. The AskEdna! program is not designed to create files for every subject under the freezing cold air-con. Therefore while at some times we may be able to fulfil your request, chances are we aren't as efficient as other programs in coming up with notes for your reading pleasure.

Nevertheless, notes can be found here free for downloading. Please remember that these files are copyright of their respective owners under legal law.


Well, the obvious answer here is: the same way you study for A Maths. Next question please.

"What question are you choosing for Language Arts?"
"Are you choosing Crucible or poems?"

Our database isn't designed to cope with this kind of question. Our lead developers had to resort to the use of a coin flip to determine answers for technical queries such as this.

"Oi, can you please hurry up?"

The design and processing integrated into the AskEdna! system has very major flaws, the main one being: it is human. Human programs tend to be slower than other types of programs, absent from their keyboards, refreshing memory banks, or handling multiple queries at the same time. Unfortunate as it may be, we are unable to upgrade our systems. Please bear with us.

"Can you help me with Physics? I can't do it."

Sorry, we found too many results to match your query. Try using keywords or an actual question to refine your search. Try not to ask queries like this because they drain server space.

"How do I prepare for this subject?"

Read your notes. Know thy mistakes. Stop wasting time asking questions like this and go mug.

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