Tuesday, October 03, 2006


[Quote of the post] "Because it is my jacket! Because I can never have another one in my life! I hahve given you my sweater; leave me my jacket!"
[Song of the post] You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban

I wonder how people take exams at the North Pole.

"Stop talking! Stop smiling!" shouted the teacher from the front. "If not I'll make you stay back until sunset today to help me gut fish."

"Er, sir?" one student asked bravely. "Sunset today is at 1.30pm. It's winter you know right? If you can count it as winter," he added.

Just as the teacher was about to retort, another student raised his hand. Suppressing his anger, the teacher turned to the new boy. "Yes?"

"Sir? I'm just asking... could you turn down the temperature?"

"What do you mean?" growled the teacher.

"Well, the heaters are turned up to the maximum, and it's too hot! I mean even our tables are melting, and our papers are getting wet." the student held a soggy sheet of paper to emphasize his point.

"No...! You think you're hot? How about all the others who are cold? I can't turn down the heaters just because you are hot, you have to think of the others as well!"

"Alright sir, then can we at least be allowed to take off our uniforms? The polar bear-skin coat is making me sweat so much I'm as wet as my exam paper."

"No...! Unless your underwear is school-branded, you're not allowed to show it! Your coat is school-branded; that's fine, but you're not allowed to flaunt non-school clothing in school. You know that!"

"But I'm melting in here!"

"Too bad! You should be lucky you have heaters, you know? In my day we had nothing, just blocks of ice and our fur coats. I had to rub myself down with seal blubber before coming to school! Be lucky you've got heaters!"

And thus the students had to take their exams in swealtering hot conditions.


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