Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's pronounced _meem_

[Quote of the post] 鱼说:你看不见我眼中的泪,因为我在水中。水说:我能感觉你的泪,因为你在我新中。
[Song of the post] I'll Be There For You - Friends Theme - The Rembrandts

Sigh... I've got such a big backlog... of memes. (Say meem. Makes it sound French =P)

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this "game" and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged a SECOND time, there's no need to do this again.
5. The most important thing: HAVE FUN DOING IT! (:

I'm not going to tag people because whoever I tag will probably have done this meme already. So.

  1. Should love me too! Haha, most important of all! Should love me for who I am, not who she wants me to be.
  2. Should understand me! Or at least try to =)
  3. Should be able to cry on my shoulder, but be able to let me cry on her shoulder too T_T
  4. Should trust me, and let me trust her
  5. Should like to do adventurous stuff! Like skydiving and stargazing and crater-hopping and bungee-jumping and brain surgery and movie-watching and sightseeing and computer programming and food-tasting and art-drawing and stuff!
  6. Should like reading! Yay, books!
  8. Should like hugs. *Huggles*


#1 Full name? Uncle Edna. Gosh, you should know it by now.
#2 Name backwards? Ande Elcnu. Sounds Elvish. XD
#3 Were you named after anyone? I don't think so... But there's lots of great people who're called Kevin, like Wong, Costner, Kline, Garnett...
#4 Meaning of name? Kevin is a name of Gaelic and Irish origin which means "kind", "gentle" and "lovable". x) My Chinese name means something like, "wise and powerful" x) And just for fun: Edna is of Hebrew origin and it means "pleasure" o_O
#5 Nickname? Uncle Edna XD
#6 Screen name? Uncle Edna. It's my everywhere-nickname.
#7 Date of birth? 14th March 1991.
#8 Place of birth:? Singapore!
#9 Nationality? Singaporean!
#10 Current location? At home, in a chair, in front of my computer. I'd give you exact coordinates but I fear you've got a orbital ion cannon.
#11 Star sign? Pisces. A bit fishy, come to think of it...
#12 Religion? Freethinker! But I guess agnostic as well.
#13 Height? 176cm - taller than you, ha!
#14 Weight? 51.5kgs, last time I checked. Think that was last year.
#15 Shoe size? 9 1/2. It's absolute MURDER trying to find shoes that fit me.
#16 Hair colour? Black.
#17 Eye colour? I'm colour-blind, but I think it's really dark brown to the point that it's black.
#18 What do you look like? Normally.
#19 Innie or outie? What's that supposed to mean?
#20 Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous? Um, I'm right-handed. I wanna be ambidexterous though. x)
#21 Gay, straight, bi, or other? I'm bi and bi a straight, o-gay? -_-
#22 Best friends? MUHAHAHA I have so many friends I can never rank any of them as best x) Kev and Zhang would be the bestest bestest, though x)
#23 Best friend you trust the most? Haha, same as #22 - Kev and Zhang!
#24 Favourite pals: Unless friends and pals mean different things, this is a repeated question, buddy. o_O That means the same thing as friends too!
#25 Best friends of the opposite sex? Hern Hern, Louisa and Sufen. You three are the only girls I know anyways.
#27 Boyfriend or girlfriend? None... yet. I'd rather have a girlfriend, though.
#28 Crush? None yet.
#29 Parents? What about them?
#30 Worst enemy? None that I know of! If you hate me, please let me know!
#31 Favorite on-line guys? Anyone who'd talk to me. x)
#32 Favorite on-line girls? Those three. x) Oh, my cousin comes online too, sometimes, but she doesn't talk much.
#33 Funniest friend? HAHAHA, do I count? Well, there's lots... hey! Almost everyone makes me laugh! That's good! =D
#34 Craziest friend? HAHAHA, do I count? We're all GEPs, so we're all crazy, right?
#35 Advice friend? HAHAHA, do I count? I don't usually ask for advice... and the ones I give myself are usually horrible.
#36 Loudest friend? HAHAHA, do I count? I dunno; am I too loud? x_x And I can't tell who's loudest - everyone talks!
#37 Person you cry with? HAHAHA, do I count?
#38 Any sisters? Nope. Wouldn't mind having one though. =)
#39 Any brothers? One. Younger.
#40 Any pets? Stripes! And Splashes! And Snuffles and Scarf and an unnamed Panda whose name is going to start with an 'S' sometime soon. x)
#41 A disease? Um, colour-blindness and flatfoot and myopia and there's this problem with my left ear...
#42 A pager? o_O I thought they don't have those anymore...
#43 A personal phone line? Not really.
#44 A cell phone? Nope. Shared with my bro.
#45 A lava lamp? I want one!
#46 A pool or hot tub? There's a big swimming pool outside my house but it's not mine.
#47 A car? I'd like one, yeah.
#48 Personality? That's a question I should be asking you. o_O
#49 Driving? People up the wall, yeah.
#50 Car or one you want? A compact hydrogen-powered hovercar.
#51 Room? It's big and white and really messy x_x I clean it up every fortnight or so.
#52 What's missing? Lol, Jun Yi's answer for this was HILARIOUS XD I dunno, my sanity, maybe.
#53 School? ACS(I)!
#54 Bed? I like it soft and fluffy! And after it rains; it's coolest then. ^^
#55 Relationship with your parents? Umph.
#56 Believe in yourself: Nope. I get stuck in great big existential quandries.
#57 Do you believe in love at first sight? I've never experienced it yet...
#58 Consider yourself a good listener: Sorry, what was that? x) Yeah, I hope so.
#60 Get along with your parents? Mostly.
#61 Save your e-mail conversations? You mean MSN? I haven't deleted a single non-spam email for quite a long time...
#62 Pray? Technically.
#63 Believe in reincarnation? I'll wait and see.
#64 Like to make fun of people? Not really. Only if the other person doesn't mind.
#65 Like to talk on the phone? I don't mind. I need human voice!
#66 Want to get married? Eventually... =)
#67 Like to drive? People bananas? I hope I don't do that often.
#68 Get motion sickness? Never. I mean, I move all the time, yah?
#69 Eat the stems of broccoli? MMM, BROCCOLI!
#70 Eat chicken fingers with a fork? Chickens don't have fingers.
#71 Dream in color? Um, colour-blind, remember? But yeah, I don't usually dream, but when I do, I think it's in colour...
#72 Type with your fingers on home row? I use this super weird methond that doesn't use the proper fingers at all o_O
#73 Sleep with a stuffed animal? Stripes! But only sometimes. I keep her in the cupboard so she won't get dusty.
#74 Right next to you? A pile of homework, music sheets, my pencil box, and a printer.
#75 On the walls of your room? Paint. Dust. My art gallery. A poster with the meanings of different ship flags.
#76 On your mouse pad? o_O You know what, I'm not using a mouse pad. O_o
#77 Your dream car? Like I said, I don;t usually dream... it's be orange though. x)
#78 Your dream date? The 42nd of Septemburary. With ice-cream. x)
#79 Your dream honeymoon spot? I dunno; anywhere nice I guess! It's a hard choice between skydiving over the Sahara Desert, a midnight dinner on the beaches of Waikiki, or spleunking in caves on the shores of Ireland.
#80 Your dream husband or wife? Someone I love!
#81 Your bedtime? Sometime at night. Usually just before I fall asleep.
#82 Under your bed? Drawers.
#83 The single most important question? How can I help you?
#84 Your bad time of the day? When I'm alone.
#85 Your worst fears? Myself.
#86 The weather is? An atmospheric condition. It's raining now.
#87 The time? 1:30am! Haha, I sleep later than you!
#88 The date? 24th June 2006. High School Musical starts in 36 hours.
#89 The best trick you ever played on someone? I put Stripes and Pink right next to Kevin when he was sleeping and when he woke up I said I had no idea how they got there. XD I think he figured it out lah.
#90 The weirdest food or drink that you like? Chips with ice cream. x) Yum.
#91 Theme song? Teen Titans! GO!
#92 The hardest thing about growing up? Getting older.
#93 Your funniest experience? There're so many...
#94 Your scariest moment? Sitting alone laughing and crying on my bed.
#95 The silliest thing you've said? I say a lot of silly things.
#96 The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex? I'm not that interested or that funny... or that desperate.
#97 The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s)? I don't remember any.
#98 The worst feeling in the world? When you don't know what to say to a friend.
#99 The best feeling in the world? When you know that the people around you are happy. ^^
#100 5 people to do this quiz? You, you, you, you, and... you. Go!

My teacher once said that
knowledge is a curse (or something like that).

Never in my life have I
jumped off a building, gone bungee jumping, kissed a girl, been a super hero, assassinated the president, drunk a hundred cups of chocolate milkshake, died, licked a cockroach, broken a world record... the list goes on...

The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always make me smile
doesn't exist, because nobody drives me nuts.

When I'm nervous
my hands get all cold and sweaty. o_O

The last time I laughed was when
someone made me.

My hair is
really short and takes 5 minutes to dry after a shower. ^^

My feet are
flat. x_x

Last Christmas
I wrote this really nice poem and when I read it a couple of weeks ago I couldn't believe I wrote something like that.

When I turn my head left, I see
a wall.

When I turn my head right, I see
another wall. Sorry, my house isn't really interesting.

When i look down i see
the floor. *Sigh*

The craziest recent event was
trying to bring little kids around the zoo! They're so hyperactive and have such short attention spans. x_x

By this time next year
everyone I know will be that much older.

I have a hard time understanding

One time at a family gathering
the food was excellent. x)

You know I like-like you if
I uh, like-like you? So, what, I can love-love you too? This is so weird. (Haha Jun Yi's was HILARIOUS)

If I won an award, the first person I'd thank is
the person who gave the award to me, duh!

Triangles are
fun, metallic, the most stable shape in the world, three-sided, purple, but most important of all, pointy. x)

My ideal breakfast is
hot waffles with maple syrup and butter, and eggs and sausages and a glass of milk and a glass of orange or apple juice with a bowl of cereal.

If you make me really happy
I'll love-love you. XD

Where do you plan to visit anytime soon
Paris, Milan, Prague, Sydney, London, the Amazon, Egypt... anywhere x)

Boys are
not boys. They're gentlemen. -_-

I'd stop my wedding if
a giant comet crashed into Earth.

The world could do without
war, disease, famine, drought...

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than
lick the belly of a rabid cockroach.

Most recent thing you've bought yourself
A chocolate milkshake.

Most recent thing someone else bought you
I think the most recent thing a friend bought me dates back to my birthday. Thank you all so much again!

My least favorite time of day is
when I'm alone.

And by the way, please hold on
If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, hang up, and then dial your operator.

The last time I was high
I ignored my surname. x)

The person whom I last talked to told me
Goodnight! That was two hours ago.

I shouldn't have
done so many things... but I've done them already, and I can't change that. x_X

Last night I

There's this girl I know who
helps out in SPMF.

There is this guy I know who
is a great and wonderful friend and I love him lots and lots. x)

I'll tell the next person who makes me really happy
something that will make him or her really happy.

I'm listening to
the sounds of a beetle buzzing in my shirt. Eeww, get it off me!

I last ate
a orange-flavoured ricola.

My bedsheet is
nice and cool now that it rained.

I smell
with my nose.

On my table, I have
a lot of stuff

My full name is
something you'd like to know but I will never tell you.

This quiz is
making me sleep at 2am in the morning.

Name 10 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick 10 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

In no particular order:

1. Cool bedsheets. I can't emphasize this any more. Wait till it rains, the jump into bed with a pillow and a stuffed tiger. Bliss.
2. Chocolate. One of the best foods in the world, comes in many forms like milkshake, cake, milk...
3. The Internet. You can do so much more than you could fifty years ago. So much more knowledge, so much more information, so much more connection... it's just great.
4. Laughing. It's never bad to laugh; doing this for 15 minutes a day increases your lifespan.
5. Stuffed animals. I get Stripes or some other stuffed animal when I'm lonely and then I don't feel so bad.
6. Imagination. It's the only place where impossible truly is nothing.
7. Communicating. Words are just wonderful. They can make people laugh; they can make people cry; they can do all sorts of things.
8. Drawing. It's the doorway to let your imagination out.
9. Helping others. It's great to know that you're helping someone else, and you get this nice, warm, fuzzy feeling when they say "Thank You!"
10. Friends. I love my friends. I'm happiest with my friends. I don't ever want to be alone. x_x

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